Optimism: Waves of Hope

These blurred waves of light reminded me of what we know as light, it does exist in the world; even in the night it is somewhere in the world.
I was quite sad yesterday and I was motivating myself continuously to feel optimistic. In the night when I stopped writing, moon came to motivate simply by showing these waves of light.

Many times it's our belief that makes us feel positive or negative about a situation more than the situation itself. 
The only thing certain in our lives is the uncertainty. But light is there always if we seek.
Last year I was in a happy state of mind and wrote poems despite being suffered from double vision. I was happy and calm till the moment I came to know that I am suffered from a rare eye condition called double vision and it is because of 6th nerve palsy. How interesting it is to know that I was happy though the situation was difficult just because I was unaware of the complications involved in the condition I was facing.
When I saw the MRI of my brains, I didn't feel terrified by so many tiny infarcts in both brains. I consoled myself that they are so tiny, thank God that there is no big clot. The fact was that they were seriously significant enough to obstruct the blood flow in the brain which paralysed my 6th nerve. 
The paralysed sixth nerve which is connected to eyes caused moment of my left eye to stop completely making it dead.
But as I didn't know about the meaning of infarcts in detail, I didn't feel that much shocked. 
So when we feel sad, it's not necessary that the situation is that difficult as what we feel. We lose hope assuming that worst case scenario has happened and believing that it will last forever. 
While the biggest truth of life is uncertainty. Neither sad situation and feeling is certain to stay forever nor happy.
Isn't the moon telling us this truth and telling to stay calm just like her facing the dark and the way she smiles in the dark night? We can create our waves of light to walk in the dark and they will be our own waves if hope. Though blurred, it's still light.
No wonder why poets get tempted to write so much on moon.