Poem: Hope

Here is my little dedication to hope and optimism.

Hope creates new worlds from improbabilities
Hope creates new destinations from
Hope builds paths by faith from the fog
Hope makes it happen which wasn't in the fate
Hope a power of creating worlds out of nothing
Hope creates the new you for tomorrow

In all circumstances keep hope alive. It's the biggest wealth and power. When we lose it we forget what we have and we don't understand how to utilize it. So never lose hope. I remember the experience of facing some moments of losing hope and they were worst. I forgot that I have some talent and for anything which I don't know or can't do I learn it without any shame or laziness. Then what's impossible in the world! But just losing hope I forgot what all I have and what I could do. Losing hope is the beginning of self-destruction. Never lose hope and never give up. Keep working on your goals even if they don't show immediate results. Your work defines you.
Your hope creates the 'you' of tomorrow.