Gurukripa Hii Kevalam

Today is 4th July the 7 blogging anniversary of our beloved blogging temple Narayankripa. 3rd July is the birth anniversary of my Gurudeva H. H. Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj. 4th July was the birth anniversary of my Gurudeva according to Hindu calendar in the year 2010 when I began this journey of blogging. So I chose to publish the first post of my blog on this date. Today is Padharpur Wari day - Devashayani Ekadashi also. 

Yesterday I had plans to write many happy and painful memories during the journey, how difficult surviving this life and maintaining the blog was.

However, the morning of Ashadhi Ekadashi filled the heart with gratitude for this continuing journey and words refused to write and decided to stay in gratitude. Divinity is in the environment, in the hearts of Vithhala devotees today. Today their journey- Wari for this year is completed when they met their beloved Vithoba. And today my journey completed 7 years, the journey of writing river which doesn't have any end point. 

I didn't visit Vithoba temple for the reason of crowd which makes me uncomfortable. But I had my Darshana and Manaspuja of Vithoba today. Of course, all the confinements are for the physical existence of us only, mind travels and reaches anywhere without boundaries. My mind was already in the Vithoba temple today where there was no crowd for it; there was only me and Vithoba. As always, I don't know when my eyes closed and when my head bowed down...and I met my 'Manamohana' Vitthala whose mesmerizing smile melts the world. I was happy to share the happiness of 7th blogging anniversary with the God. Just as it happens every time I meet Lord Vitthhala, today also I forgot to pray for anything.
I had to share so many issues, so many worries, tears and what not. But I forgot everything and just stayed there in the temple. I missed seeing Him by these eyes and I am sure He also must have missed me, but meeting with the eyes of the heart is pure bliss. He didn't say anything as always. He just blesses by His smile and I received the blessings for the future journeys of life including blogging. 

We've heard and said it many times, Mookam karoti vachalam (Even a mute becomes talkative by the grace of the God). In my case, it literally happened that Gurukripa blessed me words of poetry when I was mute. and they continued to help me, guide me and enlighten me for the past 7 years. 'Gurukripa Hii Kevalam Shishyasya Param Mangalam'
Gurukripa blesses supreme bliss and enlightenment in the heart of the disciple. 

I celebrated Aashadhi ekadashi and Blogoversay in the temple of Narayankripa. I don't understand how to express the gratitude for this beautiful journey, for the blessing of readers and friends who give their precious time to read my simple words and for this identity as a blogger where my soul resides. 

Thank you, Gurudeva. Thank you, dear God and Thank you, my dear friends. Thank you for the love. 


  1. Such a wonderful journey, Mohini blessed by Gurudeva Himself. Feels so good to read this post on Guru Purnima today. May you keep shining your light of words and wisdom through your blessed temple and keep enlightening our hearts for many many years to come.

    1. Thanks Arti! The light of the temple is the God Himself. Fortunate to see it. :) Thanks for your wishes dear!


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