Poem: Conquering The Mind

When I feel overwhelmed by thoughts or issues CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) helps me to check the validity of thoughts to create positive and rational thoughts. Earlier I used to maintain a thought journal to identify distorted thoughts and replace them. Then it was ingrained in life. But for past few days, it was again difficult to manage thoughts and feelings. I again learned, unlearned, improved, corrected many things about the mind with CBT.

All of us have distorted thoughts of different level and intensities sometimes. Distorted thoughts make us see something which is not true and make mind anxious, sad, angry, doubtful or bitter. But CBT shows us the rational way of thinking based on truth. I wonder why these practical lessons are not taught us in schools. If we would learn about distorted thoughts at an early stage of life, life would be definitely less complex. 

This poem is the essence of it. Also realized once again why spiritual perspective is always needed to cope with the stresses of life.

Conquering the mind


Conquering all wars 
Doubting, conflicting, questioning
Debilitating the 'self'
By own mind
Root of all wars
Inside and outside
Ultimate victory

Conquering the mind

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