Hymn to Lord Krishna: Fulfilment

The auspicious day to celebrate the birth of our beloved Lord Krishna, Janmashtami, is today. Instead of paying a visit to Lord Krishna's temple this year my words invited Him in a hymn to Him. And we shared our feelings where I express my feelings in words, He blesses peace where words stop.

Though my caged life fails to reach your temple built by bricks
You touch the temple of my heart

Breaking the bricks of my imprisoned mind
Though I long to meet You today more than ever before

All my longings attain the fulfilment in their completion and incompletion 
both* in chanting Your name

Though I die each moment spent missing You
I live, I live, I live, I survive every moment spent remembering You

Though I don't succeed in following Your teachings
Your teachings enliven my small attempts to realize You

Though I couldn't become the supreme love You are
You are the supreme love who became my heart

*Samatvam Yoga Uchyate: Let your Karma(actions) and duties be empowered by Yoga.

Krishna tells yoga is Samatva (Bhagwadgita Ch. 2, 48). The meaning of Samatva: attaining the balanced state of mind in all circumstances -- fulfilment and unfulfillment of desires -- in both conditions. This state of mind I found quite difficult to understand. There is a risk of becoming lazy in feeling the contentedness in unfulfilled goals or a risk of getting depressed assuming the incompletion must be okay as the balanced state is suggested in Bhagwadgeeta.

I understand Samatva by this poem today by Krishna's blessings: 

Samatva is the state of contentedness in fulfilment of goals without longing for more accomplishments restlessly yet willing and working to achieve further without losing the equanimity. Also, the state of contentment in unfinished goal with the unshaken devotion to continuing efforts till attaining its fulfilment without getting depressed, lazy and giving up.

**Chanting of the name of God: 

It is believed to be the easiest path of worship and spiritual growth. However, any path of Yoga may it be Karma, Bhakti, Gyan, Chanting names of the God or Hath yoga should be followed under the guidance of a Guru (spiritual master) who has attained enlightenment and is able to guide others. The spiritual journey of every individual is unique.
Mass discourses might not address the issues an individual face in their spiritual growth. 

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