Lord Ganesha Praying...

We pray to Lord Ganesha every year, especially during Ganesh Festival. This year Ganapati is praying something earnestly to His devotees, to all of us,

Image: Lord Ganesha

"Please stop the noise pollution in my name. Your love and devotion make me so happy that I wait eagerly to come to your homes and pandals every year to meet you all. But with my arrival, many of you pollute the devotion by deafening noise. I never asked for it. For ten days I keep searching the devotion which you silence in the ear-piercing songs. I love the prayers that your hearts recite. Loudspeakers are not needed for your heartfelt prayers to reach me. I pray to you for peace this year. I can not bless it from some heaven if you disturb it willfully in your heavenly place. I can not bless you happiness if you destroy it by polluting your own lives. Please bless peace to everyone. I hope my voice will reach you."

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