Prayer: Solace In God

Today's poem is a simple prayer to the God.

The old black and white film of Meeraji, in which Meeraji's role is played by M.S.Subbulakshmi, is very close to my heart. I can't watch it without crying. Her simple yet innate love for lord Krishna is so purifying and celestial. It mesmerizes me to see how Meeraji would compose songs for Krishna in her sorrows and happiness. She couldn't see anything else than her Krishna. The story about her I know is that she melted in Lord Krishna and not died like humans. I don't know how true this is. But sometimes when I go to the Vitthala temple, I feel the same way to dissolve myself in the love of Lord Krishna forever.
How sad her life was despite being such a devotional person and how all the cruellest things would happen with her and still how she would keep worshiping her Krishna with her undeviating love. Her love was pure like dew drops but her own people couldn't see it. She was above all the wars happening in that era. But for small issues of her devotion, she was hated. How can anybody hate Meeraji! Even in modern days Meeraji's great devotion and rebellion devotion isn't recognized much.

M.S. Amma played Meeraji so perfectly that each and every word by her was swathed in the love of Lord Krishna.

I don't find myself anywhere near to her devotion or the devotion of Aandal (another devotee of Bhagwanji) but there is no other solace than God for me.

Here is a small prayer to You dear God, please accept it and fill my eyes with your light if I ever get distracted from you.

However difficult they may be
All the paths I take in my life
May reach to you only
My dearest God!
I will never stop walking towards you.
Bless me the wisdom to choose the right one!
May my every thought be about you
I want to think you only
May every word I utter be a prayer to you only
I want to worship you only
Losing myself in you at that level of love
May my dreams ― with open and closed eyes ― see you only
I want to live in that mad state of love only
May my work begin and end by
Worshipping you only
May my tears be only in your love,
To wash your lotus feet,
I don't want to shed them in worldly miseries
May you accept everything in my worship
And in return
May the distance between you and me melt
Once and forever!
― only yours devotee and worshipper
My peace lives in your mohini smile

PS: Mohini Smile means mesmerizing smile of the God. 

Also published in Hindi: Arpit

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