How Aggressive Support for Firecrackers Is Harming Hinduism

The aggressive reaction against banning the sale of Firecrackers during Diwali by the Supreme Court interpreting it as the 'attack' on Hinduism is shocking. I don't understand the relationship between Hinduism and bursting crackers for Diwali. Firecrackers are burst for different celebrations globally and not related to Hinduism by any way, in my knowledge. I feel it shameful that a pollution increasing tradition is being attributed to Hinduism.

Diwali is Celebration of Lights and Happiness Not the Celebration of Darkness of Pollution:

Deepawali means rows of Diyas. Laxmipujan, Dhanteras or Bhaiduj, every day of the Diwali festival has a significance with rituals and celebrations associated with it. None of them is related to exploding crackers, not even remotely. 

The pujas like Laxmipujan are the worship of Laxmi (Goddess of Wealth) for prosperity and happiness whereas turbulence by crackers evokes a destructive feel. Risks of injuries and actual injuries along with the smoke is destructive in contrast to the pleasant atmosphere lighting Diyas create. 

Year's biggest celebration Diwali has turned into the celebration of air and noise pollution. Despite the hazardous effects on human and animal health, the love for crackers is not ready to see any decline in its use. The furious attempts to name our fireworks' love as Hinduism is more disturbing. Hinduism and, Diwali especially, is for spreading the light and not raising toxic pollution.  

Hinduism Is In Respecting and Caring Animals, Not In Polluting the Environment:

Animals and birds don't understand the source of the frightening loud noise done by bursts. So they can't recognize that this noise is created just for enjoyment and not an attack to harm them.  Loving and caring animals is Hinduism. In Valmiki Ramayana, there are incidents when the rishis would ask about the wellness of plants when they would meet each other. And Indian philosophy believes that God resides in everyone. Isn't the same God which we worship during Diwali in birds and animals?

Aggressiveness is Not Hinduness:

The meaning of Hindutva literally is Hinduness if we exclude all existing political definitions and ideologies in its name. Hurting others is not Hinduness may it be by pollution or by celebrations. 

Hinduism is not so fragile that its existence gets threatened by not following irrelevant traditions like bursting crackers. Also, the extreme reaction against the barring the sale of Diwali crackers might prove to be a step in creating a rigid mindset. Rigid mindset opposes change, even if it is for their good and takes it as an attack on their existence. It's scarier than the noise by crackers. The
 furor over ban eventually can be harmful to Indian culture and not the ban on crackers' sale in reality.

As an effect of such angry campaigns like supporting crackers, if in future, real issues against Hindus or Hinduism emerge, nobody, not even Hindus will want to believe them to be true.

The harm being done to Hinduism by enraged, abusive behavior especially on social media in the name of Hindutva cannot be undone for future generations. It might work to gain power for some years but loss for glorious Indian culture will be for decades to come.

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  1. I found myself nodding throughout as I read through your piece Mohini. Indeed, our religion teaches us to use vivek in action instead of resorting to blind aggression. So clear and articulate, always in awe when I hear your thoughts on Hindutva and religion.


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