Motivation: Life-book

Your life is an unfinished book. Future pages are still draft. Write, edit, erase, cut...rewrite it again and again to get make it a perfect book.
Every comma, full stop, semi colon, question mark, exclamation mark has a meaning. Each punctuation mark is powerful enough to change the whole meaning.
Check, recheck, edit, reedit every single line, word, phrase and punctuation. You should edit grammar and sentence structure as well because they can create or destroy the meaninh.
Editing is boring.
Editing is time consuming.
But it's necessary to make the perfect book-life. Never regret for a bad first draft.  
Remember no draft is final till it is published. Write and edit your book of life carefully to make your draft of life as a happy journey.
Life is not a film. There are no happy or sad endings.
Life is a continuous a river.


  1. Loved reading this, Mohini. 'Life is a continuous journey... like a river' Such a motivating thought and read and a wonderful reminder to keep growing, improvising and learning in life.

    1. Thanks dear, so nice to see your thoughts again. :) Sorry for such a delay in publishing and replying your comment.