Gratitude: Graciousness of God

Few days back I found my gratitude file. I read it again and felt so positive for being so blessed by the God. I think I should start again filling my  gratitude journal every day; it brings  back strength for a gloomy day.
Just trying to express it again...Thinking about God's grace, it's so difficult to stop tears. Divine bond with the God is different from the worldly matters. We get rude, we can be annoying, we may be offending, we can behave really crazy with the God. Though it isn't justifiable, God's love is so infinite like the sky that what remains is only love purifying all the impurities of human mind like frustration.

However, I think we dare to misbehave with someone who is closest to us. Don't we? Who else can be closer to our heart than the God?
I do feel insecure because of my rudeness with the God many times, still this faith in this sacred love remains unshakable. I don't know how to verbalize this feeling but we all live on the basis of strength created by love and our faith in love.
We habitually count negative things of life, but forget to express gratitude for the survival strength that God blesses us. Despite all the odds, how do we have the feelings of hope and love, alive? Is it possible without God's grace?
Here is a little gratitude note for You my beloved God.
for the Graciousness my beloved God
for being with me
for detoxifying my emotions
for making me alive every new day
for wiping my wounds by the sacred touch of your soul
So gently
for giving me your smiles that are my priceless treasure.
My smiles are yours my dear God
My life is wholely yours, only yours dear God!
My little existence in the world is yours
Because you are my world
for being with me
Again and again
for being inseparable from me
for purifying my mind by your love
for letting my soul melt in you
Dear God, my dear Alchemist,
My beloved Diviner
Gratitude for embracing my soul and purifying my mind with your sacred love
My Diviner,
You are not allowed to leave my life
With all my feelings that love you
I won't allow you to leave my life Ever
Because without you
There will be no 'me'
And I want to live
I want to live for You,
For your precious smiles
I was a bit doubtful about using graciousness word for God. I didn't want to mean to lessen the glory of God. Graciousness of God is to imply God's ever forgiving kindness and love which is vast and where love is the only reason to love. God's very nature is love. So graciousness of God is used in a comprehensive perspective.
If we believe so, then why do we have insecurity? I think it's human mind that keeps processing its own thoughts until it becomes one with the God.
I found some Bible verses praising the mercy and graciousness of God, so felt sure that this word is perfectly right.