Poem: The Light In Your Eyes

The shining light in your eyes
When you were born
The light and eyes that told the world,
"I will conquer everything
By love and only love"
The light in your eyes
that mesmerizes everyone
The light that fades all other external light sources
Never let that light dim for any reason
Shine with this light more and more
This light
This love
Every day and every moment of life
Forever, my beloved!
Shine with them
Your happiness soothes me
Your light heals me
Your eyes gives smiles to me
Your preciousness in my life
gives life to me
Your precious presence
Heal my wounded mind
Shine with the love and light
Live with the love and light
Love to you
Love for you
Love to your light
Every day and night
Shine, shine, shine
My beloved!
Shine always!