Poem: Gift of Soul

Gifted my soul to you
Anything more
I didn't know to give you
Anything else
I couldn't find for you
Anything more beautiful

I don't have for you
Anything more precious
I don't possess in this world
I am empty
I lost everything mine
when I gave my soul to you

Image: Gift of Soul

wish to see you smiling always
Anything more
Anything bigger
Anything more precious
Than your smile
I don't see in this world
Wish you would feel it
It's not a poem
Today it's you
In my words
In my voice
In my soul

Valentine's week celebrations are going on everywhere. Love is expressed in gifts, small or expensive ones during these days. A lot of products are marketed in this week in the name of love. I feel it as many deals are being made in the name of love. I know it's not true in all the cases. Gifts can be a way of expressing love. But when I think about love, I see it as unconditional and infinite like blue sky. So thinking it in worldly ways makes it confined in the walls of definitions. Limited things come and go. The feeling which is infinite stays eternally. The love of God and His blessings are like that for all of us. When it comes to offering to God, what can be the best thing to offer? Even world's most expensive gift isn't enough as compared to God's glories. Offering soul can be the best thing to give it to the God. Giving soul not even for His blessings in return is the highest love. Being empty, losing everything for the sake of love is the supreme celebration of God's gifts which are love and life. Offering soul means, I will love you even if you don't love me, even if you hate me, even if you won't bless me, even if you curse me, I will still love you.

I don't know how I have such thoughts, but whatever I try and do, Sadhna is going to reflect in it, doesn't matter how real or fake world takes it. But the kind of extremely tough life I have lived, I know one thing that emotions are priceless and we meet very few people in our lives who love us unconditionally. So for me, the importance of emotions is always highest.

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