Touch Of Love

The ideal couple for me always is such that, they love each other a lot and they work for the country and humanity and peace together. This is the ideal form of love when the couple gives something to this society beyond all desires for one’s own self, to work for others. I got this inspiration when I read in Panchajanya weekly about Nanaji Deshmukh’s project in Chitrakut in Bharat – India in which every couple work with the Vanavasis – tribals living there, after the marriage for five years.This work is something similar to Lord Shriram and Mata Seetaji's work in Tribal areas, as Nanaji Deshmukh said. The info about the complete work is available on

Something similar dream is expressed in this poem, a couple who wants to work 
for society with their touch of love everywhere………….

Image : Touch of Love

Small Rain Drops With
Same Touch of Love
The wonderful Calm
Night with Rain
The Same Bliss of Love
I was walking Alone
On The Same Road
With The Same
Memories of Love
Same Days of Love
Touched every Moment
With The Same Wonderful Love
Can’t imagine a Single Moment
Without this Touch of Love
I always feel your Touch of Love
In Every Breath of my Life
You are my Soul
You are the Complete Love
When Cool Breeze of Love
Touches Me
Gives me,
Memories of Songs of Love
We Sung Together
Oh My Love!
Will You Come Back
With Same Touch of Love?
The Promises we gave to Each Other
Still touch me like a Small Flower.
The Touch of Dream
That we saw Together
For this World
Still make me Cry
Will we meet Again?
I feel the Same Touch of Love
Again and Again
But why can’t I meet You
This touch of Love
Has made me Free once Again
Free from all Sorrows and Tears
Heart is filled with The Touch of Love
And I feel Joy Everywhere
Are you Listening my Song
The Same Touch of Love?
Oh my Love! Come Back
We will feel the Same Touch of Love
Once Again
We will
  Make this world Beautiful
With Touch of Love


  1. I love what you have shared here Mohi... it reminded me of some plans I had with Sam when we were still together. I think that that kind of selfless love is very noble for couples. Not everybody is IN to that kind of charity.

    Thanks for sharing this. It's a breather from your other poems :*

  2. Wow Melissa, so instant reply. I have posted just now. I really dream about this. And I am so happy that you also have same thinking, such couples can change the world. yes, it's really difficult to have such love. :) I am really happy saying again and again.

  3. so cute,like the touch of a feather against somewhat wet cheek! the cheek is wet becuase of tears that have flown on feling the pang of the poem.Mwah,my Mwah!

  4. so sweet and poignant!like a feather brushing against the cheek.

  5. Welcome Portia, I am so happy to see your beautiful thought here......:) I am happy you loved my poem.

  6. ya.....that's so sweet, I always feel such things...

  7. Very sweet and touching..Come back my love..
    Mohu..I love your poetry :)

  8. nice poem moh.

  9. the world becomes beautiful with a single touch of love. the rain drops worth thousands reasons for living. loved it mohini:))

  10. Sancheeta, thank you so muchhhhh.......:)

  11. Thanks Sonalee :)

  12. So sweet Simran, thank you.....:)

  13. I usually Don't read poems but I loved you poem and read it completely. Enjoyedd.

  14. Hi Atish. Welcome to my blog. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and reading my poem. I am glad you liked it. Keep sharing your thoughts.

  15. Nice one Mohu.. very heartwarming.. loved it.. :)

  16. i can't think how one could survive without 'touch of love'?......keep spreading love :)

  17. Thanks Monu..:). So...sorry for such a big late...

  18. Welcome Gayatriji. Namaste. Thank you for your lovely words.