Second Episode Of Hunger Strike

As the title of story suggest everything, here is a quick article on the current episode.

Anna Hajare is doing Hunger Unto Death. He has said in his earlier statements, that he will not break the fast, until the Comprehensive Lokpal Bill i.e. JanLokPal bill gets passed by the parliament.

Next day statement comes from him that he is ready to negotiate only with PM, Raul Vinci (Living by name Rahul Gandhi in Bharat.) or Senior Ministers.

Look some months back, Anna said same statements, he was doing same Hunger UNTO DEATH (?). Then many people abused others that at least he is doing fast for this country what have you done. Then a committe from Ministers and IAC is made. Then they UNTO DEATH fast was broken. 

This is my question to responsible and educated citizens of Bharat - India that, what is the difference between these two episodes?

Why is the necessity of Raul Vinci?

If Raul Vinci is so willing to fight against govt. why don't you all make him remember that his own party is ruling party?

What was he doing from all these years?

Why does Anna Hajare want him for negotiations?

Sonia Gandhi is president of NAC (National Advisory Council) and Aruna Roy and Harsh Mander are also in NAC. So didn't they give advice while draft of Lokpal bill was being made? Why are they presenting new draft? And why does IAC is with Aruna Roy Group? Why don't they oppose them?

When someone declares to fast unto death for his or her demands this means that he or she will die if the demands are not fulfilled. There is no third option of Negotiations.  

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  1. desh ke sath bahut gandi rajniti kar rhe hai .......rahaul vinchi ko promote karne ka drama chal rha hai sab aur isme sabse bada hatha hai media ka....

    very nice  artical mohini puranic ....

  2. Welcome Ravji. Thanks for your views. I agree with you. It is open now, for what all the things are going on.


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