Bond of Rakhi

Tomorrow is RakshaBandhan. A biggest festival of love of brother and sister, celebrated in Bharat – India. The full – moon day of month Shravan according to Hindu Calender is Rakshabandhan or Rakhipaurnima or NaraliPaurnima.

Rakshabandhan means the bond of protection. Bandhan means bond and Raksha means protection. On this day, sister ties a sacred thread on brother’s wrist and brother promises her protection. This thread is called as Rakhi.

Another custom is we tie sacred thread to those whom we wish to protect.

Today I am dedicating a poem to my brothers on this very special festival of love of brother and sister. This poem is especially for Deepak and Dnyanesh with whom I always fight. I hope this poem will make the bond of love between us stronger and stronger.

Things may go Wrong
We can’t break this Bond
This bond is not just a Relation
This bond is not just my Affection
This bond is Eternal
This bond is my Soul
This is my Breath
A bond which no one can Break
We can Fight
We may get Angry
This bond is beyond
All this Agony
This is the Bond of Promise
To live together forever The Life
This is the bond of Protection
From all the evil forever The Life
This is the bond of Rakhi
This is the bond of Rakhi.

I love you my brothers please never get angry with me..........please listen to my pain Deepak and respond me.........

                                                              Life is so beautiful When
On Birthday of my brother Dnyanesh : Dnyanesh - The God of Knowledge


  1. This is a beautiful post... may the bonds of brother and sister always be blessed...  

  2. Welcome Aneesa. Thank you so much for your response.

  3. Very sweet and beautiful! 
    Don't worry.. eternity of love will remain always between you and your dear brothers :)..
    Love hugs , Wishes

  4. very true and beautiful Post.....the brother and Sister relation is like love -fight relationship...eternal love always be there..:):)....sweet poem..

  5. So sweet of you........Love from me too.......:)

  6. sweet of fight it's always there....:)

  7. very beautiful Mohini.. between brother and sister there used to fight but the love always be there.. There is a saying in Tamil, "தான் ஆடவிட்டாலும் தன் தசையாடும்".. Even if your mind fights the heart love in all possible ways..

    Someone is Special

  8. That's really beautiful......I wish to convey this to Deepak. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Choti... Happy RAKSHAbandhan to u :)

  10. I am so happy to see you here.....Same my dearest DEEPAK for you.......:)