Poem: Eternal Bliss

From today, I will try to share a poem with you on every Saturday, so that you can read and find some peace on weekends after hectic working days. How is this idea?
So, Today I am going to share a poem on Eternal Bliss. Yes, eternal bliss, this bliss has no end. All of us experiences such moments, but we don’t make them our memories, instead remember bitter memories.

So from today decide to remember and cherish such blissful moments. It’s not difficult at all. And you will find the eternal bliss within yourself. This happens naturally by devotion, devotion for your work, devotion for the God, devotion for yourself (never ignore yourself), devotion for your duties and your loved ones too. This is what is Bhaktiyoga or path of Devotion and Salvation - Moksha by Devotion.

No Lust, No Desire
Bliss is now only to Hear
Bliss is only now Here
No complaint, No Sorrow,
Completion of Life
With no Hollow
No Sacrifice, No Tear,
Love is now Everywhere,
No Worship, No God,
‘I’ have Melted
The God
No Inclusion, No Exclusion
Life is now only Completion
No Desire, No Fear,
God within Me
Only this I can Hear
No Perception, No Affection,
Life is completed
‘Love Perfection’
Who am I?
No Question,
Who am I?
No Answer
God is within Me
Only this I can Hear
‘I’ have Died
‘I’ have Born
With the Song
Bliss Along
Eternal Bliss is Everywhere
You will feel It From Here

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  1. eternal bliss.. Superb and glad you will be sharing a poem every Saturday.. Happy.. ~ Happy Frendship Day ~

    Someone is Special

  2. Thanks SiS. It's almost daily some thing hot debate goes on here, so I thought weekend should be peaceful. I am so happy you liked my poem. Happy friendship day.......:)