I Can't Support Anna Hajare

Many of us are supporting Anna Hajare and another Hunger Unto Death (?) by him. So before giving blind support please think on these points.

·         If he believes in the democracy and his agitation for truth, Satyagrah, why did he send letter to Sonia Gandhi?

·         Who is Sonia Gandhi for him? Even if he is doing this because she is NAC president, this is surrender to Sonia Gandhi.

·         He and his team is shouting always how all politicians are corrupt and useless and even with the racist words like ‘Kale Angrej ’ which means Black Englishmen.  Bharateeya – Indians are not black.. Also I don’t think anybody uses racist language in today’s world. But he surrendered to all these so called Kale Angrej, against whom he is fighting for the Second Independence of the country.

·         When he broke his fast unto death last time, what victory did he get? Govt. gave him a piece of bread only in the name of committee whose president was from govt.  What a joke! They made joke of Anna Hajare and Anna Team is shouting now as jokepal –jokepal.

I wish to give you a warning before supporting Anna Hajare, at lease think over these points and please please don’t get emotionally attached with him. He can change to any extent.

Many of people are saying to me (I think this sentence is taught by Anna Team because they use undemocratic sentences always.)

“What you are doing for country? It’s easy to sit in home and pass comment by computer”

So my answer is,
·         I am not cheating people in the name of Hunger strike and any false movement.

·         I am not doing any deals with politicians, in the name of support.

·         I am not provoking people by foolish sentimental statements which are undemocratic.
·         I am not working to get media publicity.

·         My work may be small but it’s honest and in the interest of country. I am not cursing anybody, whether anybody supports me or opposes me.

·         I am behaving like a responsible citizen of country. This is what is needed today.

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  1. im completely agree wid u mohini.

  2. Let us just compare today's India with pre-independence India. Anna Hazare is just like Gandhi. Ramdev is just like Bhagat Singh, Netaji, Azad. Now choice is yours. But pls don't forget the cause. We have to get true independence at any cost in our life times. Jay Hind.

  3. Sonali Thank you so much for your support.

  4. Welcome Rajnish Bhartiji! Thank you so much for your views. Swami Ramdevji ......I don't think have much courage that Bhagat Singh, Netaji, Azad had. There are some more points on Janalokpal bill too, which I disagree.

  5. Very interesting article, very logical views on how a politician should/shouldn't be supported. Its every where the corruption...

  6. Hello Scattered Musings, welcome to my blog. Thank you so much for your views too. :)

  7. Namaste Raj, Welcome to blog. You have made the post perfect by adding these perfect points. I am really thankful to you for your contribution. I agree, the Swami Ramdevji alone speaks 2 or 3 hrs in each shivir to awaken people is really constructive effort. If he enters election, that is also good. But just to do one fast and steal all his work is something different. Media is giving lot of hype as they know, the so called strength of these hunger methods. Most important sentence is we get the mistake after 50 yrs. This is absolutely true.

  8. All the points are discussed in the article.so what to write more on that !
    Frankly speaking Annä is agent of congress I. 
    Just like M.K. Gändhi who was British agent. & divides India in 3 parts .
    I can't understand one thing if Annä was victorious  last time when he broke his hunger unto death then why he is going to do the same at 16t Aug?
    His dramas are well known in Maharastra. he does the deals behind the curtains 
    Actually he has not even the basic knowledge of bureaucracy & parliamentary system which we learn in school.I saw his interview on television ; how cheap & dirty language he use.
    If we support Annä today then our Nation hae to pay the price for that. 

  9. Hmm.....that's true. I agree.

  10. I guess "Grand Patriotic Poetry" Contest will Surely bring Revolution  in Corrupt India..  Cos this can be done by sitting at home & commenting on Computer...

  11. I completely agree with you. Whatever is being proposed via this bill is just a short-term solution and within few years we will be back to square one where Janlokpal will also act as a puppet of government. We need to think long-term

  12. Thanks Animesh. I know your passion for the solution mainly and not for person. I have just read your article, and thanks for sharing the link here, because it will be useful for all the readers. I agree with your points 100%. You have hit the right point. Main Sanskar, nobody is above country is many of us have forgotten so we are following many people blindly. I am happy you have raised the right questions.

  13. Hey Mohini:

    Nice post and very logical approach towards the burning issue. I hope you have done enough research before reaching such conclusion.

    The civil society bill is not drafted by Anna himself. Expert Supreme court  judges and great lawyers like Ram Jethmalani had been involved in drafting this bill. And let's not get personal with Anna the way Manish Tiwari (Congress spoke person) did when he wanted to counter attack by getting personal. We all know he is a genuine guy.

    You are entitled to your personal opinion and if we want to fight against Corruption (As people), this Bill will help us in doing so and I agree to the fact that the Lokayukt 'might be' corrupt....however that's just an assumption. We have seen political leaders being corrupt...and we know how they run the government, why not try this approach. And its a proven method to curb corruption in developed countries. Change always attracts resistance but it is also said to be the law of nature.

    No personal grudges......these are just my personal thoughts...

  14. Welcome Hemant. Thanks for your views. I was waiting for something like this and not just insulting. The title itself suggests that I can't means though I thought a lot but I can't. So there is no personal problem from my side too. Way should be democratic. Take a note of Anna Hajare's changing statements, from many days or always. Then you will feel the same. I had earlier supported his movement. But going deep on the bill, I feel I was wrong.

  15. Hey Monicaji I definitely second your thoughts. Even I have written a post " I do NOT support Anna Hazare " in my blog.

  16. Hi Vijay, Thanks for support. My name is Mohini not Monica. (Don't know why but many people spell it monica. :() It would be nice for readers if you share your link. I will check.

  17. Mohini,
    I agree with your points. One of my best friends is the coodinator of IAC in Indore and he called me anti national, kala angrez and even accused me of treason just because I do not support Anna. He later apologized to me for treason charges.
    Why would anyone support Anna Hazare? Why not support the movement against corruption. Is it another marketing exercise for Anna Hazare?
    I believe that by doing one's duty one is doing his bit. If we all take a pledge to be corruption free ourselves the malaise can be contained. I dont believe in candle marches, gandhi topi with grafitti and slogan shouting at the busy squares of the city will bring the corruption down.

  18. I support the fight against corruption but not under the cost of democracy by running parallel government. Lokpal bill is not unique solution for any form of corruption. For this we need awareness and educate people to get their rights. We have efficient system to deal with corruption like judicial and parliamentary committee; Why Anna and tem don’t want to work along them? More over Lokpal bill is not run by Gods there are human being and what is the scale we use to measure those people are not tainted and they won’t misuse their rights and destabilize a elected government costing billions of rupees for our economy. To bring Prime minister, judges under the scanner are a national threat to security, integrity and democracy of this country. This can affect our economy and security and reforms.
    Anna’s moment intention is appreciated. Like many feel Our Indian Media is biased towards a group in the wake up of Anti Corruption movement that is rocking our nation. Here My view is For a change of process at a scale costing more than 75000 core year with bureaucracy and at the cost of parallel governance? Now the People of India forgot our Father of our nation. People forgot the Politicians and visionary people who led this country to this economic growth so far and gave us a name to stand out among nations. If India was 100% corrupt will all this happen? Is Team Anna’s bills is the last and final solution for corruption? Is he able to give an answer YES?  Then Why parliament and Judiciary and waste Indians Money Let Lokpal Team Rule India. Why Indian Media is becoming hypocrite and is so emotional and support all cause for a group. And they the people protesting is the majority....? Is our humble society in those who live in villages are aware of the protest if not WHY? First of all in my opinion Anna’s team should have encouraged for public awareness nationally instead of my bill or no other bill stand... Why can’t Anna and his Team work along with Judicial and parliament system. Instead of that he is challenging the democratic process entirely and poor people they don’t really know the values of our system and cost of freedom movement

  19. Rohit, welcome to blog. I really wish to same and wish to post on it too. You have explained it perfectly. This is media hype mainly. I am really thankful to you for your detailed analysis on the issue.

  20. Asahai, welcome to my blog. Thanks for your vision. You have raised many points and I agree with you.

    First about accusing, that is trained language of Anna Supporters, so many people are doing this at many places. This is trained and I think sponsored.

    Movement wants just a face for marketing, Anna at least look like Gandhi, white clothes and clean.

    And of course this sponsored strategy will not bring the corruption down. very well said. It's the need of the hour that we should raise our voice too.

  21. Dhananjayabhaarat108August 26, 2011 at 4:10 PM

    OM, mohiniji pranaam i  agree with u

  22. OM Dhananjaya.......Pranam. Thanks.....too.