P.P. Shri Vasudevananda Sarasvati Swami Maharaj

Today is Sravan Krushna Panchami - the day of Birth Anniversary of Paramhans Parvivrajakacharya Shri Vasudevananda Sarasvati Swami Maharaj (Tembe Swami Maharaj). Paramahans means the Sanyasi of Highest grade. He was the great sage.
 After Adi Shankaracharya, I have read the stotrams on all the deities is written by P. P. Tembe Swami Maharaj only. The stotrams – praises to worship different forms of The God are very devotional, beautiful and we can reach the highest fulfillment of life by chanting these stotrams. He has written 144 Sanskrit Stotrams plus Marathi Bhajans. Find all of them on Shrivasudevanandasaraswati.com.

I wished to write something about Him on this very special day, but I don’t deserve anything to write about this great sage. The Biography of P.P. Swamiji in Englsih is HERE.

He is the Sadguru of Most Revered Gulavani Maharaj (Sadguru of Siddhayoga Sect) and hence the name of Aashram of Pune is Vasudev Niwas. This means the place where Vasudev means P.P. Tembe Swami is still preset. Today in the tradition of the Gurus, my Sadgurudeva H.H. Shri Narayankaka Maharaj is the Chief Trustee and Sadguru there.

Today I am going to share one of the Stotrams of P.P. Tembe Swami Maharaj and its English translation as by His grace I could write.

Shridattatreystotram is in Sanskrit. My Sadgurudeva always tells this stotram to chant. This is chanted daily with high devotion in Nasik Ashram and Vasudev Niwas (Pune).  You will get the real peace by chanting this, though you understand it or not. You will get the salvation and freedom from agony and all problems. This is the power of the words by this sage. Chant them and feel them. Don’t trust me blindly this is not superstition. This is not just Sanskrit Poetry. This Stotram is written in the state of purest heart, supreme deotion, so these words are blessings for all, the Gurukripa for all, The Grace of Swamiji for all.

श्रीपाद श्रीवल्लभ त्वं सदैव| श्री दत्ताSस्मान पाहि देवाधिदेव||
भावग्राह्य क्लेषहारिन सुकीर्ते| घोरत्कष्टादुद्धरास्मान्नमस्ते||1||

Oh dearest Shripada Shrivallabha (one of the forms of Shri Datta) please look at me always. Oh Shri Datta you are The God of all the gods, please look at me always. I know, you accept our devotion and feelings. Your name is everywhere. You are the one who steals all the sorrows and pains. (Meaning of घोरत्कष्टादुद्धरास्मान्नमस्ते| repeated at the end of every verse.)We are bowing, worshiping, please give us salvation from the severe sorrows we are facing. Give us a happy and good life.

त्वं नो माता त्वं पिताSप्तोधिपस्त्वं| त्राता योगक्षेम कृत्सद्गुरूस्त्वं||
त्वं सर्वस्वं नो प्रभो विश्वमूर्ते| घोरत्कष्टादुद्धरास्मान्नमस्ते||2||

You are my Mother, You are my Father, You are my dearest beloved one. You are my saviour. You are the one who has given me everything and always kept everything of mine safe and good. You are everything of mine. Oh God! You are present in this world in all forms.

पापं तापं व्याधिमाधिम् च दैन्यं| भीतिं क्लेशं त्वं हराषु त्वदन्यं||
त्रातारं नो वीक्ष ईशास्तजूर्ते| घोरत्कष्टादुद्धरास्मान्नमस्ते||3||

All our sins, pains, diseases, all tensions, worries, my poverty may it be in the form of money, or lack of moral virtues, fears please take away all this. Oh God! Please look at us.

नान्यस्त्राता नापि दाता न भर्ता| त्वत्तो देव त्वं शरण्योSकहर्ता||
कुर्वात्रेयानुग्रहं  पूर्णराते| घोरत्कष्टादुद्धरास्मान्नमस्ते||4||

No one other than You in this world is my Saviour, No one other than You is who gives me everything, no one other than You is giving me everything in material and spiritual life. Hey Aatrey! (Aatrey means son of Sage Atri) You have given all your grace to me.

धर्मे प्रीतिं सन्मतिम् देवभक्तिं| सत्सन्गाप्तिं देहि भुक्तिं च मुक्तिं||
भावासक्तिं चाखिलानन्दमूर्ते| घोरत्कष्टादुद्धरास्मान्नमस्ते||5||

Please give me, The Love for true Dharma (Dharam doesn’t mean religion. It’s the ideal way of living by which we live happily in material world and progress spiritually but without giving pain  to anybody on this earth.), The good thinking, devotion towards the God, the vicinity of Good –Satsang (Sat means the supreme truth of Universal Oneness. Give us such friends who have discovered this supreme truth.), Bhuktim (I can’t find meaing) and Muktim – The Salvation, The love towards devotion. You are the complete supreme bliss. Give me salvation.

श्लोक पञ्चकमेतद्यो लोकमन्गलवर्धनं| प्रपठेन्नियतो भक्त्या स श्री दत्तप्रियो भवेत् ||

These five verses will make lives of people blissful. The person who chants this with devotion will be loved by Lord Shri Dattatreya.

इति श्री प.प. वासुदेवानन्दसरस्वतीविरचितं श्री दत्तात्रेयप्रार्थना स्तोत्रं संपूर्णं||

This Prayer Stotram to Lord Dattatreya written by P. P. Shri Vasudevanandasaraswati is completed.

My countless Pramanas to this Great Sage.

P.S. This translation I have done as per the God’s grace but I couldn’t write meaning of all the words. I am  sorry for that.

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    I am feeling pride as being your brother.
    May you enter all the languages of the Universe.

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