Creative and Stylish Blogger Award by Jenni

We have seen Awards of Love series. On completion of first Blogoversary, God gave me another gift and surprise Jenni De La Torre as my new friend.

Only few times we got the chance to talk, but I found Jenni as a spiritual person with whom I can discuss my doubts. While reading her blog, I always feel peace of mind.

And Jenni has given me stylish and creative blogger award. It is such an honor for me and my poems articles. She has said about my blog, at And The Award For The Most Awards In A Week Goes To... on her blog For Jan's Sake.

"Romanticism and poetry go hand in hand in her blog. Even though Mohinee’s blog is about India I find her insightful words to be very touching."

Jenni, I am so sorry for the late reply. I am so thankful to you dear, for being my friend and honoring me by such great awards.

Thank you Jenni my Sweet friend! :)

Now, seven facts about me. First I will say, it is always hard to understand me, some where I read Mohinee means illusion. My life is really so. So when you come to some conclusion about my nature, you will be surprised to see something different and new, another or even opposite dimension. This is all true, still not so true. Understood or confused?

1. I am less expressive about my life but too much talkative.

2. I am very possessive about the things and people I love, many times my loved ones can't understand this madness. But many times, I am completely alone no attachment for anything. This is not something I intentionally do, but may be this is what is mind. If we love something or someone and that level love does not reach to that person, heart becomes indifferent.

3. I am very confused always, while doing small things of life but very very focused too. Don't know how but this happens really.

4. I am very shy and sometimes or at the right time, when needed, I am outspoken.

5. I am very calm - If I decide, to be calm, whatever may happen nobody can realize a storm is going on in my mind. Very controlled you can say, but many times tears start rolling and even I don't know how and when, just like a little kid. I can be very angry too, at one level, but after that I don't talk anything. 

6. I am very crazy for the work I love and even the work which is boring.

7. Very emotional but not always.

8. I love cooking.

Stylish blogger awards are passed already to my dear friends and now I am very happy to congrtulate all those my friends who are very creative, who make their blogs very beautiful with their creative words and creative presentation of articles and poems by passing the Creative Blogger Award. I am nobody to give award but passing from the heart to these gifted friends. Thanks to those who started this system and made badges too.

1. Geeta Singh - Stimulation of The Mind and Site for kidsIs there any need to tell the creativity in her blogs? I like her Power point slides most, very useful for kids and very creative too.

2. Simran Kaur - My FriendshipSimran's blog reflects a creative heart of a girl in everything she does, in her poems, template of her blog, choice of songs on blog playlist and template too.

3. Monu Awalla - Soul Tune -I always like the mesmarizing words, rhymes in his poems which reflects a pure soul.

4. Portia Burton - Portia's World -  She has used a unique method of posting, poem on a picture, very creative and very beautiful. I feel I am reading my mind when I read her poems.

5. Alpana Prasad - Motifs on the Wall - Magical creativity in words, voice and nature in Poems or prose too.

6. Madhumathi - Words that my heart speaks - She writes poems, draws paintings, makes crafts - so many things, creativity is flowing with a beauty in this blog.
7. Harshal Patel - Think once - Harshal write on different topics which are exceptional and creative.

8. Ranjith - A light hearted talk - Every word flow from heart and every photo image he makes with creatively.

9. Irfanji - Apni Boli - I see very natural talks in his articles. I like his art to keep the article short and yet present the message successfully.

10. Abhi - Be The GeekAbhi's blog is technical, the way he present articles and the subject he choose I feel cretivity in technology.


  1. OMG :) it's an awesome award ,  I am very honored to receive it from my frnd/sis ..Thanks Dear

  2. thank u so much Mohini..

  3. I love your creativity! no thanks you deserve the best......:)

  4. Your 7 facts are neutral at each point, seems interesting indeed! :)
    Liked your point no. 5 the most .
    Congratulations my Stylish And Creative Sis :D
    I'm so happy to be nominated as a Creative Blogger Award!
    Your award made my creativity one step above with lot's of  enthusiasm . Thank you soooo much!!
     Hugs and Love <3

  5. I know you are EMOTIONAL....buttttttt Cooking, how can i believe unless........:P

    btw thank you,, thank you so much for the awards....i m honored...!!!

  6. and btw Mhini "ji", out of ten in the list, why that suffix "ji" with my name only...Do you think i am that OLD???? hehehhe just kidding.....:P
    I know its ur respect for me but believe me only  "irfan" will do....anyways thanx again Mohini "ji"...:D

  7. Hi Simran, Thank you so much dear. Love ya! You are very creative. Hugs and love <3...same from me.

  8. Thanks Sir, just respect not for age. I have got habit of it may be. :). Don't call me "Ji" may your name is respectable much so I can't take it without ji.

    Cooking, for that you have to come to Maharashtra. ......or I have to upload pics of my experimented recipes. :) ....

  9. Congrats for honor ,you have received.

  10. Thank you so much Sriram Sir. :)


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