Sing the Song of Heart

Weather is So Cool

Heart wants to Sing a Poem,
Poem of Love
Poem of Freedom
Poem of Peace
Poem of Wisdom
The sorrows  are Gone
Joys have Come
Blessings of The God
Come in the Rain Form
The cool breeze is Singing
Song of Love
Telling me Dear
No Tears, From Now
You are The Gift of God
Came on Earth
To spread the Love
Devotion on the Earth
You should be Happy
To make the world Happy
You are born to spread Smile
Oh my child!
Sing the song of Heart
Sorrows are not for You
You are the Love
Child of the God
You are the Faith
You are the Beauty
Oh my Dear Mohinee!
Sing the song of Beauty
Heart cries it’s not You
It’s your Mind
Showing Illusion to You
You are the Success
You are the Sweetness
You are The Soul
Of Every Happiness
You bring the Joy
On this Earth
Like the small Smiling Raindrop
It’s you, It’s You

It’s you Mohinee


  1. You are the sweetness
    you are the soul of happiness
    your poem says everything

    Happy Frendship Day

    Someone is Special

  2. Thank you so mind goes in sadness and questions and answers....posting answers....:) anybody when feel depressed may get all joy by reading this poem. Happy Friendship Day. :)

  3. you are the soul of every happiness ...very beautifully written ...well done Dear..

    Always wid u :) Happy frndship day!!

  4. It's a love song as it comes from the heart. You've written everything that's in there...all your sentiments are rolled in one poem :)...

    Sing it again and again...

  5. You are the beauty, and beauty lies in your heart...) Thanks for Sharing.

  6. Thanks Geets...I hope you loved this......:)

  7. Thank you so much Melissa, I loved your response.

  8. Welcome Adarshji to my blog. I am glad you loved this poem.......:)


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