Poem: Salvation

This poem is the deepest ever for me, I can feel the meaning but can’t explain it fully……..

I am living in this jail,
From many years
From the birth
I have tried a lot
For Escape!

But the result is
I am moving in the jail only
Today I found the way
A door is little open
Nobody knows
I can easily escape
When I will escape
The jailer will not find me again
I will be free in this world
This mysterious jail
But what I have done
I am still in the jail
Yes! I want to leave this jail
But I will completely break it
All its walls, everything
I will leave destroying
This mysterious jail
Because I am not the weak person now
I am free living in jail also
But I will break the walls
So that nobody will be caught
Here again
I will go! 
Changing this place
This mysterious jail will be
The place of Salvation
Humanity and Worship of the god
Worship of the humanity
When I will leave this World
Making this Earth
For Peace and Love

Jail here is expressed in different context.

In Spirituality Jail is the jail of our mind, the continuous conflicts are going on in mind. Due to which we can’t experience the bliss, though the mind experience joy………still it’s continuously changing and it is not the peace of mind. Whatever going on within the limits of mind is just illusion. The complete peace of mind, which we say peace of MIND, is not possible in the limits of mind. It is beyond the mind, when the mind dissolves completely the eternal bliss is discovered within and it is the true salvation.

Also, there is a jail of superstitions,  jail of fake people especially in spirituality, which uses people’s faith and keep them under various illusions. I pray to The God to give me such knowledge that I can break this jail too, forever, so that nobody can be caught in that.
Another jail is jail in material life. Domestic violence, verbal, physical, Psychological, Financial abuse is going on with many people. I wish I can break and destroy this jail forever. I can reach ever y victim and make them realize that they are born with strength, they should not be victims.

This is true salvation for me………………………



  1. Dat is d awsome poem.read such aood stuff after long time...i m surprised by the depth of thoughts...well keep surprising me like dis n keep smiling

  2. NO ONE is an island, according to the old saying, and so it should be recognized that no psychological problem is ever a purely individual problem. Therefore, any psychological distress felt by an individual has roots in society at large.i know we all filled with anxiety, depression, and distress.This does not mean, however, that all  problems can be solved by changing society. Some political groups may try to suggest such a solution, but ultimately the individual must be responsible for recognizing sesitivity of issue in order to bring new life into the world.

  3. life, truth and love destroys such illusions of sin and death because they are supreme. thus we can break free the wall of the jail to reach the state of peace in eternity. 

    saving the soul. 

    thought was very deep both ways......spiritually and domestically.

  4. Thanks.. Sancheeta, it's really wonderful summary....:)

  5. No words dear.......Loved the thoughts.....

  6. Wow, Darsh, after a long long time on my blog, missed your presence. Thanks. I am glad you liked these thoughts. I am with surprises......:)

  7. Mwah,this is another example of how we think almost alike.I expressed almost similar views9albit tangentially) in my poem,'Oh,This Mortal Coil!'...
    Nicely written.

  8. Ya, I always feel that reflection, when I read your poems......:) we are sisters after all. :)

  9. No words Mohinee.. :-)

    Someone is Special

  10. excellent, having apathy for all, is superb, but I wish to just opine here   
    that one has to live with everything as per se, 
    one can never change the god's will, we do good deeds as much possible , that's all. 

  11. excellent, very concerned feelings

  12. I am amazed by how deep you could go to your reflections on "freedom" in terms of prison walls... I loved every attribute you've given to it... whether it be spiritually, morally, emotionally or psychologically bound. 

    Great piece Mohi... You are free! ... if not, keep working on it ;)

  13. Saravana......it's honor for me....thanks....:)

  14. That's so true sir, thank you so much.....:)

  15. I am honored sir..:)

  16. So sweet of you Melissa....I am glad you loved this one.....:)

  17. Really touching one Mohinee. I loved it

  18. Jerly, welcome dear......Thank you so much for your thought. Happy you liked it...:)

  19. Narayanan venkatakrishnanSeptember 4, 2011 at 11:27 AM

    Heart warming .Very Nice ...

  20. Welcome Narayanan Sir, you have really honored my by spending time on my blog. I am so sorry, I was not online especially not blogging past week, so I couldn't reply you. I am glad that you love my poems...:). Please keep guiding....:)