Goswami Tulsidasji Jayanti - (Birth Annivarsary )

Today is Goswami Tulsidas Jayanti. Jayanti means Birth Anniversary. Shravan Shukla Saptami is Goswami Tulsidas Jayanti. His devotion towards Lord Shrirama is eternal and expressed through His literature.

It is famous story about His life that, He used to love His wife a lot and He forgot everything in that love. His wife once said him that if he had half love for lord Shrirama which He has for this material body of His wife, He would have got salvation.

From that time Tulsidasji left home and worshiped lord Shrirama forever. He has met Lord Hanumanji too. By Lord Hanumanji’s grace, He met Lord Shriramma and Lord Laxmana too. 

He was a sage in modern world.

I would like to share the literature He has written.

Most famous is,

Shriramamcharitmanas – Shriramacharitmanas is Ramayana written by Goswamiji . It is full of devotion. It is written in Avadhi language. If you don’t understand a single word of this book, still please try to listen it once or try to read it. My brother told me the same and it has changed my life. Geetapress - Gorakhpur  has published all the literature of Goswamiji and no. of versions of Shrirammacharitmanas too. It is divided in 7 parts called as Kandas.

Most importantly, in Shrirammacharit manas and in other literature too Goswami ji has given the equal importance to worship of Lord Shiva and Lord Shriramma. These two forms of The God are devotee of each other.

The reason of it must be once there was lot of hatred in devotees of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. By these unique creations, Goswamiji has united devotees of both forms of the God.The hatred was harmful for society and Bharateeya culture too. Advaita teaches oneness and this hatred is also against this oneness. Even I feel if followers of any religion will read this epic, they will get the real knowledge of devotion from the heart and not from the books. 

They will feel universal oneness. Though this book is on devotion of Lord Shrirama and emphasizes the importance of Bhaktiyoga – The path of Devotion, I don’t feel it is different from Advaita. Advaita teaches Universal oneness and Shriramacharitamanas says,everybody is the form of Lord Shrima. So what is difference in these two concepts? Mind can’t live without love and without loving. Bhakti is eternal, unconditional love only. This Bhakti, devotion naturally comes in our heart while reading Shrirammacharitmanas.

All the literature of Goswamiji can be bought from this link. Tulsidas literature on Geetapress

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