Ayodhya Verdict

Jai Shri Ram!

Today the most awaited verdict came, The Verdict on Ayodhya Ramamjanmaboomi Dispute. The court has said that this holy place is the Birth Place of Lord ShriRam. We are seeing the reactions of people from all the streams, religions, ages.

There should be a detailed separate discussion on each point stated by the High Court.

But here is the reaction which is coming in my mind by the grace of Lord Shri Rama, I think everybody will agree with this. This reaction is on the above mentioned part of the verdict.

This is the victory of Development, Prosperity, Growth of the country in each aspect may it be education, economy, democratic values, moral values, every good thing. Because the governance given by Lord Shri Ram is the most ideal governance ever. Now, nobody can disagree with the history related to Lord Shri Rama, the ASI proofs are also accepted by the High Court.

The Mandir at the Birthplace of Lord Shri Ram will give the inspiration of the most  ideal governance to the coming generations.

Lord Shri Ram has said about this place as "Janani Janmabhoomishcha swargadapi Gariyasi.." 

This place will always inspire us to make our country more beautiful place than Swarga. Again some people may do not like the word Swarga. But the thing to be understood by Swarga is the most beautiful place.

This holy place of Lord Shri Ram will always spread the message of Equality, Love within each relation in the family and Love for the world just like  the own family, "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" , The Supreme Truth, Devotion, Karma Yoga and many immortal values to make the country The Developed Country in the true sense.

The Sun of The Rama Rajya -The Ideal Governance thought by Lord Shri Ram by his own rule will light this world for millions of millenniums.