Akshay Patra in Kaliyuga - No more Hungry Child

We all know the story of The Akhay Patra in The Mahabharata. When The Pandavas went to Jungle for the fourteen years, i.e. for the Vanavasa, the citizens could not live without them because the Governece of Yudhishtira was so ideal for them. So many of them also went in the Jungle with The Pandavas
. Though Yudhishthira was not King now, still he had the responsibility as a Born or True King or Kshatriya to take care of lives of all those citizens who came with them. So He preyed to Lord Surya The Sun and Lord Surya gave him an Akshay Patra which was capable of giving food to all the people they want.

This blog is to find and show the applicability of the Indian Culture in today's context. If we waste our vision and time to discuss about how Hinduism is superstitous and how all the above mentioned is impossible, we will get nothing. But there are some people who found the meaning of Akshay Patra and they applied this in the Kaliyuga , the today's modern world-

 The Akshay Patra Foundation. - The children need education. This is their Basic Right. But how a hungry child can even think about education. So first provide them meal. 

Ashay Patra Started this. Who is the Leader or The King? Who recognizes his responisibily, who recognizes what he has to do for the people and how he will do that! And he practically does all that what he understood and lay a path for the others to follow. Akshaya Patra Foundation recognized the need of the children, found the way and now-

Feeding 1,253,266 Children Everyday!

9 States 

More than 8000 schools

It's the time now to recognize your responsibility!

It's the time to lead and take the action !

Donate online! feed your hungry child!

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  1. Pleaze click above link to donate online. Please come together.

  2. very well written. excellent. keep it up.great.

  3. Glad to see so many bloggers joining hands to feed the future souls of India! The one line motive “No child in India shall be deprived of education because of hunger.” says it all how humble their service is.

  4. Thanks you so much Mohanji! This is really divine joy that a simple post can feed 50 children. Support by bloggers in wonderful! Thanks a lot for promoting this post also.

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  8. Really nice, i liked the initial part of Mahabharta.

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  9. Hi Mohinee. Nice blog. And I like your write-up. Thanks for your suggestion on my blog (I incorporated it at once). Thanks again.

  10. this post will sure help the foundation to fulfill their cause!

  11. very effective way of saying and contributing for such a noble cause.great post.

  12. That's a very interesting topic on which you are writing..It falls under a very special niche, but I guess its need of the hour..Totally great work..keep it up..

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