Lord Shrirama -The Best Leader-Discussing In Detail

As we saw earlier if anybody follows The Life of Lord Shrirama, he can succeed in spiritual and worldly life too.

Here we are going to discuss  Life of Lord Shrirama for successful worldly life and the  successful Management and leadership too, because we can not live without management. It is necessary for everybody students, professionals, homemakers, politicians.

Courage: Any leader should have this basic quality. He or she should be able to take firm decisions quickly and he must take all the responsibility of the decisions taken and of the consequences too.

About Shrirama it is written in the Ramayanas and it is very famous that

कुलिसहु चाही कठोर अति कोमल कुसुमहु चाही ||
Shriramcharitmanas (Lankakand Doha19g)
The meaning is that He is the harder than the Vajra (The hardest weopen of the Lord Indra) and He is the softest than a flower.

And the second thing is that "Ram never says two things". He never lies that is what is called as "Akvachani".

It is really very difficult to behave like this. But Lord Shrirama is naturally on these two principles always for the whole life. ( Here past tense is not used because Shriram is always with us. )

A leader should not be influenced by emotions while taking the toughest and important decisions whichever necessary for the country or the organization. But while being a leader or a manager, he should not be heartless and self centered fellow which is observed in many leaders in the past and no need to tell about the present political scenario.

ShriRama is very very emotional man. He was very emotional when He was not with Seetaji during the Vanavasa and also after banishing Seetaji. Also during the Vanavasa ( When He, Lxmanaji and Seetaji were living in the jungle for fourteen years.), He was very sad and emotional for His brother Bharata, all the mothers( including Kaikeyee who was responsible for their Vanavasa ) and  all the citizens of the Ayodhya. Here one more important point comes out. All the citizens used to love their Yuvaraj or Prince Shrirama and they could not live without Him. But Shrirama also cared for each and everybody of them. This should be the leader. The same thing is taught in modern management. But a question comes in mind how many people are really like this.  Just an example on twitter their are lots of famous people. When we saw there profiles, they have millions of followers but many of these big leaders or public figures  do not follow a single person. It is far away for them to know personally their followers.

Coming back to our main subject, Lord Shrirama! During the war with Ravana, Laxman was unconscious, Lord Shrirama was very very emotional.

But none of the incidents above affected any of His decisions during the Vanavasa or during the war with Ravana. When Ravana kidnapped Seetaji, Shrirama even did not know where She is ! He was very emotional. But He helped Sugreeva and gave back his kingdom of Vanaras from Vali. From the side of Sugreeva when Hanuman met Lord Shrirama, by his way of communication Shrirama immediately understood his personality, talent, his knowledge and capabilities. He told about all this to Laxmana. 

So any good or bad incident in Lord Shriram's life never affected His work, duties and responsibilities. During Vanavasa He knew that His father is no more. Still He completed all his responsibilities in the Vanavasa i.e. to save the sages- Rishis from the Rakshas by fighting with them, killing them. We see throughout the Ramayana Lord Shrirama is very calm and patient. He does every move firmly without any hesitation and much thinking. But whatever he do is the perfect. Especially, we see the best strategies He did during the wars. This is very much needed for India especially to learn and to find the solutions on biggest problems related to Defense, Internal security and foreign relations.

This subject is vast and as we go deeper in the Ramayana, we discover a completely new knowledge on this subject. 

We will extend this discussion further in next articles.



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  2. hi mohinee....

    I totally agree for what you said...great insight....
    and the point i liked in your post is that a leader shouldn't be influenced by any kind of emotions. this point do plays a great role in todays politics. u see many wrong decisions that r influenced by emotions...which lead to many endless debates and consequences...all the politicians should take a note of this