Appeal to All The Readers

Dear Readers,

Namaste! You must have read my last post on the Diwali. Whatever I am writing are my original Ideas and all this is by the grace of my Sadgurudeva H.H. Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj. I have written this on the starting of the blog and the name is also Gurukripa. If I get some inspiration from others I also put the gratitude towards them , which is the morality and natural. Also I do not hesitate to give the web address of the people whose articles I find useful for the readers.

But some people working in the name of their Sadguru and Dharma can not remain on morality. This is called as 'Moha' according to our Hindu Shstras. I have found some of content of my Diwali post on a famous Hindu related website. If someone is doing this intellectual theft, this is defaming their own Sadguru. This is very very shameful. I used to protest many people who are denigrating Hindu deities on reading the appeal in the articles of their site. But now unfortunately I have to protest them.

I have found some the content published on the very second day I published the Diwali post. I frequently visit this website and I do not remember that I have seen that particular article where the content of my post is stolen before publishing my post.

Here I am giving the particular content

Diwali is the festival of lights as all of us know. But what is the meaning of the word Diwali? The original word is Deepawali. That is Deep-Aawali. 
Deep means Diya, a lamp. Aawali means row. Deep-Aawali means row of Diyas or Deeps. 

This is the starting and also one of the main idea of this blog "Great Indian culture and philosophy all applicable to today's life and future." This seems to be stolen by the same website. And you will find the column "practically useful?" in the comment section of their articles. I have seen this recently after creation of my blog.

My appeal to all my readers is that If you find any such thing copied from this blog. Please report me immediately. This blog is copyright protected. Please report in the comment section of this blog and contact me. 

We should respect each others' ideas and talent. While doing anything related to Dharma, if we do not consider the morality and purity in our work, then what kind of service we are doing of  Dharma? How we are going to save the Dharma? And do we have the moral right to preach others about Dharma? Won't this intellectual theft defame the Dharma.

Think about this article and please co operate me. I am starting poll on this issue please vote there also.

I would like to thank here, Kanchan Karai the blogger of the the blogs 'Mogra Fulala' (, 'Blogwale'( the content of her blog was continually stolen by somebody, she gave a very inspiring fight against them and exposed that website. I respect her a lot and I got the inspiration from her to write about this injustice. I am a new blogger, but don't I reserve the right to be respected for my thoughts if someone finds them useful? 

Share your thoughts on this issue freely.