Jai Mahakali

Happy and a Devotional Navaratri to all the readers.

Today is the third day of the Navaratri festival and this is a heart felt puja of Mahakali by a few words.

Mahakali! Aadimaya, Jagnmata ( The mother of the whole world) Mahakali! She is extremely destructive and darkest black. So She is called as KaliMa, Mahakali.

Black color is the symbol of negativity, darkness and depression. Then why The Mother Goddess has become Black?

If She is our beloved Mother, then why She is so Destructive and Angry?

Wherever we read the description of the Param Ishwar, in The ShrimadBhagvadGeeta, The description written by Rishis, Maharishis and  Great Saints (Sants) by their own experience, we find that The God is like crores crores of Suns. Light means The God. Then why The Kali Ma who is The Shaktiroopa of The Param Ishwar, so Black?

"प्रकाश तू, तिमिर तूच "
"Oh Lord! You are The Light and you are The Darkness" -from तूच तू 

Is there anything Jada ( Static) or Chetan ( Alive) without The God or The Param Ishwar? So He or She that is our faith which Roop or form we like, is everything, everywhere. So she is the darkness and She is the light.

By the grace of The God we experience the joys, the happy days, the days of knowledge when we become really satisfied and happy.

But sometimes we get the sorrows, worries. We do not understand anything and feel the darkness and frustration everywhere, can not find the solution, we do not find anybody to help us. 

In that time also The Mother Kali says, " I am with you. Be courageous and fight boldly because my child! you are not alone, you were never alone. I am with you always. I won't let happen anything bad with you, never, you may not remember me always but how can I leave my dearest child alone? So do not worry. Your Ma Kali is with you!"  

" I am destructive and dangerous for the Adharmis , not for you my dear child. I have taken this form to protect you always. I am inside your heart so never feel weak, never behave like a weak. Be strong and live on the true Dharma and for the Dharma. I am there to destroy all the injustice."
Samartha Ramadas Swami preys to Lord Shriram

"सदा सर्वदा योग तूझा घडावा "
"Please be always with me."

The Mother says " Yes! I am always with you , in your every breath, I am The Pranarupi mother. "

Param Pujya Sadgurumauli Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj always say , " Mother power is inside every breathing person, animal, in the form Prana."

Expierience the Love of The Mother Mahakali and The SadguruMauli ( Both are the same )in this Navaratri. Wish you a Happy Navaratri once again.