||Shri Shri Gurave Namaha||

Here are some secret but simple keys to unlock the longterm and true success with peace of mind.
  1. If  No Hurry then No Worry.
  2. Never surrender to stress and worries.
  3. Keep the positive approach towards every problem.
  4. Don' t be confused and hesitated while doing any task.
  5. Do every work with calmness and steadiness. This saves your time, physical and mental energy (energy of the brain) more than 50% and the task is  completed with more perfection and surely with beauty.
  6. Trust The Sadgurudeva, The God and Yourself.
  7. Do the work in steps.
  8. The confidence will build up by doing each step of the work successfully and of course with perfection.
  9. Then go for the higher and higher tasks.
  10. Do each and every work as the worship of The God or The ParamIshwar-whether it may be small or big.
  11. Write down your Strengths and Weaknesses. And try to eliminate your weaknesses one by one and replace it by some good habit to convert it into your strength.
  12. Never lose The Courage and The Hope.
  13. Do not go for unnecessary work-like unnecessary reading,chatting. This not only wastes your time but also energy and increases the stress on mind and the brain.
  14. So be selective and careful while choosing the tasks.
  15. Always take small breaks to give rest to your brain between the tasks.
  16. Faith is the mother of all -success,courage,hope,passion,compassion.
  17. Most importantly never neglect your health.If character is  lost everything is lost, is true. But just think, if you lose your health, what is the meaning of any of your quality like character, talent, even spirituality.
So go ahead!Success is yours! Luck is yours!!