Lord Shrirama -The Best Leader

Shri Shri Guruve Namaha    

My Koti Koti Vandan to my Sadgurudeva H.H.Shri Narayankaka DhekaneMaharaj,writing the first post on His Birthday. 

Leader as all of us know simply can be defined as the person who leads,which means to take decisions,to take their responsibility and to implement them.
Now if we want to study the best characteristics of a good or I can say a best leader for any country or for any organisation in the management context,we must study Lord Shrirama.

See!When we think Lord Shirama as The God or The Param Ishwar and we study The Ramayana in the devotional point of view it will be a different thing.

But lord Shrirama's Avatar or His Character and Life that He shown was  of an ideal human being .His this ideal life is to show the people that if you live a life like this on moral values which in the true words is the life on The Dharma. 
Dharma here does not mean the religion but a system that is formed for the peaceful and happy life of an individual and the same for the society in short everyone has the right to fulfill his own desires but the way to fulfill them and the desires themselves should not disturb others' peace and joy and should not give sorrow and pains to others and the whole society.

If anybody lives such a life on Dharma and the moral values,he or she will not be weak,but he or she will be the Grestest and Successful person in the worldly or material life and in the spiritual life also.

In the next post we will be the discussing this subject in detail.