Akshay Patra Contest by Indiblogger - A simple way towards Revolution

Earlier we discussed that how The Akshay Patra foundation has found the applicability of the story from Mahabharata. Connecting with this topic now we will discuss the simple bloggers' contest.  IndiBlogger has beautifully appealed the blogger community by arranging Akshay Patra Blog and Feed contest. A simple contest- Blog for their cause now and they will feed 50 tomorrow.

One post describing the work of Akshay Patra with Link to online donation will feed 50 children tomorrow.

I do not think any blogger may have seen the prize for the winner. Everybody is attracted by the Blog and Feed 50. The bloggers are so happy to write about   Akshay Patra  and as Mohanji has said for The Future Souls of India and their Education.

Now just in a few days after the announcement of this contest what happened is wonderful-

96 posts are written on Akshay Patra  just imagine.......

90 posts = 90 X 50 = 4500 children will be feed. This is the first obvious and outstanding success.

90 posts are giving   Link to online donation which will bring  huge funds for a great divine work of feeding and educating children. The beautiful work of fund raising is being done beautifully.

Yes! these articles are so touching that they are really capable of raising huge funds.

I would like to compare this work with spirituality as a Simple and modern form of Worship which has united us forgetting all the differences of Religious Beliefs and all other beliefs and the people are just doing the worship. The God is the Innocent Children.

Another way is this can be compared with Chanting the name of the God, which purifies our heart and gives us true bliss and peace. Bloggers are doing chanting with full dedication and devotion for The Children and The Akshay Patra.

The third thing is The Yagya - In ancient ages Yagya used to be  performed for self desires and for the World also. e.g. for raining. Yagya is done unitedly and to perform It, some special Vedic Mantras are chanted with a specific way. Also the things used in Yagya are very Sacred. So this produces  collectively Some Divine vibrations in the environment. I think this Contest is  the modern way of the Yagya. Bloggers are contributing the Yagya by Blog Posts which are really Sacred, of course The IndiBlogger by the contest and the appealing look of the contest. The Akshay Patra itself and the donors by contributing donations.

As I am reading these articles I found that,

These are full of  emotional appeals...

Some have touching poems....

Some show important surveys and studies related to India's Poverty, Education rate and Child labor....

Many have touching pictures of hungry children and happy children receiving meals by   Akshay Patra....

Many have very touching videos.....

So we just can see how easily people are joined for Akshay Patra 


If the impulse behind any work is for the society and especially for the children who even do not know why they have to live without food and education, then the work automatically becomes a Divine Work. No need to follow separate spiritual path for the peace of mind. Such work is the 'Nishkam Karmayoga' and the 'Bhaktiyoga' too. This is achieved by the 'Advaita- The feeling from the core of heart -The God is everything and everything is The God.'

Nishkam Karmayoga can be explained as to work for others or when others' joy becomes mine naturally, when I love to work for others just as I am working for my own self.

Yoga means simply the attachment and yoga in spiritual context is the natural attachment with the God.
Bhaktiyoga seems a bit different but according to ShriRamacharitmanasa, When we see the Shriram (The God -The Parameshwar) everywhere we have achieved the true Bhaktiyoga.

I think The  IndiBlogger, The  Akshay Patra and the Bloggers and of course the Donors have explained 'The Nishkam Karmayoga' and 'The Bhaktiyoga' by their work for The Hungry (hungry for food and the knowledge too) children.

Who says revolution is very impossible now? Who says social networking is just wastage of time? Who says blogging is just a hobby? Who says world is very selfish? Who says Kaliyuga is the worst?

My experience about life is if we start a noble work people do support happily. The strength of  'Nishkam Karmayoga' is always incomparable.Because The God is manifested in the 'Nishkam Karmayoga' and in 'The Bhaktiyoga' .

Whenever we will think in future about Spirituality and Philosophy for a happy life, We will always remember this contest.

We believe in the God or Not but why we become ready happily to blog for Akshay Patra. Who is that generates Divine thoughts and desires in our minds? There is something common in us and that is 'The Chaitanya'- the God in our hearts, Lord Shrikrishna has said -

"सर्वस्य चाहं हृदी संनिविष्टो "


"ममैवान्शो जीवलोके "


I request you all please visit Akshay patra Blog and feed 50 Children page to read all and promote all the posts on The Akshay Patra . You will really love them all.

The first part of Akshay Patra-

Akhshay Patra in Kaliyuga - No more Hungry Child.


  1. Thank u so much Sheron and Rekha!

  2. Mohi darlin....This is Complete...u did well...started establishing a base and then the main content and ending with a priceless quote "I am in heart of all and everybody is my part.

    That was a 1000 times a better post than the first one. This is what a writer should maintain : Writing style and i could see the reflections of your original style of writting....

    and frankly i had to refer some articles in the net which made me curious to know the depth of your arti...

    Great post darlin...

  3. Hi Manoj! I must say thanks a ton! You have motivated me to reach this level. Seriously! Hey thanks for such a deep reading. I got my mistake of last time. I didn't try to make it the perfect one. This time I awaited this time to my complete satisfaction for many days and then published.

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