The Poems of My Soul

Hear them deep within,
experience their whisper in my inmost soul
Reverberating delicate waves

wordless, pale.
I listen each one of them yet can't fathom any
Wanna ease, release
their buried torment,

Wanna heal
their bruises, my bruises,
Wanting to become tides
splashing in my head and heart
again and again

spiralling the transparent watery thoughts
to cool and calm the burning wounds of my soul

Text Image for the poem the poems of my soul

The powerhouse of optimism
to generate the force of
resilience, persistence for my existence

My perceptions or judgements?
The colliding waves, what are they?
Not just emotions!
Not just words!
Not just creations!
The poems of my soul!
Waves compose the poems of my soul.


Inspired by an encouraging tweet by the @RealisticPoetry to share a poem with the hashtag I Identify As Poet.

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