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27 April 2015

Poem: Look Back

Some verses dedicated to the prompt, 'look back'

PAD Challenge Day 27 Poem: Looking Back, How It All Began

PAD Day challenge 27, yes, it's 27th day of the April month, today. Today's prompt by writer's digest poetic aside blog is to write a looking back poem. When I look back, how April month began and how I started writing for PAD challenge, another poem is born, check it out,

26 April 2015

PAD Challenge Day 26 Poem: Lonely! I Love To Be Lonely

PAD Day 26 prompt by Writer's digest is to write a poem on a word or two invented by Shakespeare. It should be the title of the poem. I chose the word 'lonely'. Just like the color black, loneliness is also thought to be negative. However, I love to be lonely because I believe loneliness is positive, know how. Here is a poem Lonely! I love to be  lonely, 

25 April 2015

Poem: Sea of Love

One more love poem for the prompt 'across the sea', 

Poem: Missing You My Sweet Sis Sanchita

One more poem dedicated to some special moments and memories. This poem is dedicated to my dear Facebook friend and my sister Sanchita Biswas, who left this world a few years back.  

PAD Challenge Day 25 Poem: I'm There With You

It's PAD Challenge day 25 today. Writer's digest prompt is to write an across the sea poem. I have one more love poem today. Love doesn't know any barrier.

24 April 2015

Short Poem: Poem Moment

A poem for that beautiful poetic moment when a poem blooms,
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