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30 April 2016

Poem: The Winning Streak Continues...

Today is the last day of April and our poetry celebration. Today's theme is this challenge of writing a poem every day.

29 April 2016

Poem: Let's Create World of Optimism

Today is the 29th day of April poetry celebration. We began with a prayer to my Sadgurudeva H. H. Shri Narayankaka Maharaj and Maa Saraswati on 31th of March. Before we reach the final day tomorrow, again, I am writing a poem dedicated to my Sadgurudeva and Maa Bhagwati today, with moist eyes, for their eternal grace. 

It's something more than a poem
It's my Sadhana, the worship to Lord Shrikrishna,
My devotion and the meditation... the Dhyana,
It's the Bhava samadhi.

28 April 2016

Poem: The Mirror of Poems

We are celebrating poetry this month and it's the 28th day of our poetry festival today. There are many strange assumptions about poets. Why do poets write so passionately? What do they want to tell, and why? I don't think passionate poets and artists really need to give any answer to such questions for their art-love, certainly not. But it pains me to see the lack of awareness about the importance of poetry, the lack of respect for artists and yes, their dedication behind their work; especially in our country. Art isn't just a pass time. Today's theme is 'the purpose of poetry'.  

What’s the purpose of poetry?
Poetry is the mirror that reflects
The life as it is,

27 April 2016

Poem: The Moment I Will Meet You

Today is the 27th day of April poetry month. Today’s poem is a Dramatic Monologue poem. As the name suggests, it’s a monologue of the character that is disunified from their love for years. The beauty of the poem is that the hero/heroine singing this poem can be a man or a woman. When heart feels a deep love and when it misses its love, the feelings are same for a man or woman, I think so. 

I'll tell you, how much I missed you
The moment I'll meet you.

26 April 2016

Poem: Sunbeams

For today's poem, I have chosen an image as a prompt. Mother Nature inspires us  every day. The poem for the 26th day of April poetry months is, 'Sunbeams'.

25 April 2016

Poem: The God's Endowments

Today's poem is a Didactic poem. A didactic poem instructs the mind to follow religious rules and boost the morals. This poem is a poem telling the mind what it must follow to discover the peace. 

Searching for the peace of mind
Followed thousands of paths that bind.
Search within and you’ll realize:
It was always there, you forgot your mind to synchronize.

24 April 2016

Poem: Fantasy World

We fantasize what we would love to see in our lives and what we can’t live. Today's poem is my fantasy of the ideal world of equality.
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