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28 May 2015

Poem: Golden Silence

We know that silence is golden. A poem on the golden silence.

25 May 2015

24 May 2015

Poem: Evening Golden Rays

Today's poem is on the sunset I captured few days back. It was a great fun to watch how sun rays spread slowly before sunset and how they vanish suddenly. Today's poem grows with the images. Hope you'll like this effort.

20 May 2015

Poem: Childhood Stress

Today's poem is on Poetic Aside Wednesday prompt 'Childhood'. Just penned down first memory I remembered about my childhood.

17 May 2015

Poem: Listen

Yesterday I tweeted micropoems on the theme 'Listen' given by Re-sharing them here for blog friends.

16 May 2015

Ayyappa Swami Temple: Heaven on The Earth

Today I went to Bhagwanji's abode, Paramdham and just returned meeting Him. Surprised? We are told that we can meet the God after death and then how can believe His existence. I went to the Ayyappa Swami temple in Dhule today to  spend the peaceful devotional Saturday evening with Ayyappa Swami. The atmosphere is so devotional it's just like the Abode of the God as described in Puranas. The  temple becomes heaven during the Sandhya Samay - the twilight.  

Poem: Flowers

Today's theme is 'flowers' and love have some magic...:-)
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