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01 August 2015

DoDoItSu Poem: Flamboyance

Today's poem is a Dodoitsu form poem. It's a love poem with a twist Prompt is a self-thought prompt 'Flamboyance'. 

31 July 2015

Poem: Worship of Prana

Today is Vyasapaurnima - celebrated as the day for the worship of Sadgurudeva. Whenever I try to write about my Sadgurudeva His Holiness Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj, I fumble. I don't think, I can ever find the perfect words to describe His Grace - Narayankripa. Still, I try again and's also Gurukripa. For my dearest Gurudeva's worship today also tried to write some lines...

Image: H. H. Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj

a new life you gave me
blessing with Mahayoga Deeksha

26 July 2015

Poem: Horizon

Sometimes we get so overwhelmed by our thoughts or situations that even thinking seems difficult. This state of mind isn't everlasting. However, how we take it decides our future. A poem on that horizon where thoughts stop...

thoughts stop
a point
a horizon

24 July 2015

Poem: In Mizzle

Today's poem is on a self-thought prompt 'mizzle.'  Yesterday, I wrote a poem on the cloudy alert and the anxious wait for the rains. Coincidentally, it rained yesterday night and today for a while. As usual, I didn't miss the chance to enjoy those cute raindrops and here is a poem on it. 

alone in the mizzle 
raindrops touched the thoughts, my soul 

23 July 2015

Poem: Cloudy Alert

After a great beginning in June rains have vanished for the month of July. Today's poem is dedicated to the strange weather we have these days. Also, the prompt is 'alert' by poetic asides blog. 

19 July 2015

Micropoem: Love Shines

Today's poem is a micropoem about the shining beauty of love. 

love shines without words,
love speaks without words,
love hurts without words,
love shines without words

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18 July 2015

Poem: The Pi and Pie of Love

A cute love poem on the prompt pi or pie by Poetic asides blog. 

difficult to 
complicated to 
it's constant
it's everlasting
it's the pi of your love

it's sweet
it's cute
it's beautiful
it's the pie of your love

yes, your love
beyond metaphors
it's your love
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