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28 September 2016

Poem: The Power Where Love Smiles...

One more poem on the serenity of love.

Wrote this poem at the end of July. Though I don't remember the date of writing, presenting it with more depth of emotions with some addition. 

Image: Parijat flowers

You're the strength,
The inspiration that guides
You're the power
Where sweet love smiles

In your words
Found the nest for my mind
In your thoughts
Found the tranquil light for my mind

In your poems
I realized the glory of life
Though we never met
Your poems did all the magic.

I love for you the magic you create
I love you for your friendship you give
I love you for touching so deeply my soul

I am stirred
I am transformed
I am soothed

I love you for showing me the forgotten beautiful me
I love you for showing me your serene guiding light
So tenderly, with so much sweetness...

I love you for all this and yet for no reason
I am amazed by your lovingness.

Wherever I am, whatever I do,
In my battles of life or in the successes or failures,
small or big
I never stop loving you
My mind can't stop thinking of you

The only gift and the best gift I have for you is my love

For everything you do
For being a bright smile
My love is for you,
Always with you. 

PS: My battle with nerve palsy is still going on as progress went backward. I am utilizing this battle to increase my patience level.

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22 September 2016

Micropoems: For Your Smile

Today's poetry is a bouquet of flowers of micropoems on love. Some of them I have tweeted earlier and some new added today.

14 September 2016

Poem: Miss Those Days

Weather is so pleasant these days. I miss the days when I would go on a highway drive to nearby places alone. Had written this poem 'Aaj maine kshitij chhoo liya' when I went on Highway for the first time. It was so joyful, can never forget. Now, after the palsy episode, it's been a bit risky to drive alone on a highway. All this illness has become quite traumatic. I should wait for a month or two and then things will be easier than today. But I can't wait in such a beautiful weather. Highway drive was such a solace and escape from thinking on a gloomy day. The good thing about Dhule is two national highways cross here: Mumbai-Agra (NH3) and Surat Nagpur(NH6).

I couldn't resist writing a poem remembering those free days. Here it is...

11 September 2016

Prayer:Bless me Arts

Today, a prayer to Lord Ganesha to bless me  poems, songs, stories, and hymns.

08 September 2016

Fortuitous Reunion with Lord Ganesha

The busiest God these ten divine days is Lord Ganesha! I couldn't manage to post special hymns and prayers to Him this year. I couldn't try to paint Him. I was a bit disheartened amidst all the enthusiasm around. But guess what? He cares for me. When everybody is worshipping Lord Ganesha, when there are long queues at every nook just to get a glimpse of Him, when everyone is singing songs for Him, He met me - all alone! Yaay! I could express my feelings, He accepted them with His tiny and cute eyes, I locked His smile in my cam and all this happened just surprisingly. He did it for me. 

04 September 2016

Poem: Eternity of Love

Today's post is 500th post on this blog. Each and every blog post is so special for me that don't know when I finished all these posts. Today's poem is a dedication to the eternity of love. The eternity that is unbreakable, but that breaks all the limitations.

25 August 2016

KrishnaBhakti: When Loving Krishna Becomes the Necessity of Life

Happy Janmashtami dear friends!

I celebrated Janmashtami yesterday by meeting Lord Krishna in Mahanubhav temple, here. What an amazing evening it was!

Before visiting the temple, I had tree gazing (recovery journey isn't finished yet) and it was so enthralling to see that remaining eye condition was slowly disappearing during the gazing. When you experience the blessings of Krishna showering upon you each and every passing moment, no separate celebration is needed. 

I went to the temple with my mother and brother. (Considering vertigo possibility lost freedom to go alone! :( ) I went too early in the evening to avoid the crowd and get the time to meet Krishna when He is not surrounded by too many devotees. Celebration preparations were just beginning when we reached the sacred place.

There were a few devotees and the cradle for the baby Krishna wasn’t even prepared yet. But Krishna was ready to meet us, as always, ever smiling holding is flute, ready to mesmerize the world once again. 

I had decided, if it’s difficult to have Darshana of Lord Krishna due to crowd, I'll  wait. I am in no hurry. I’ll be the last. That’s what I generally do. But, it was better to go early because Janmashtami celebrations would begin at 12 midnight. It wasn’t possible to attend the ceremony at that time.

When I enter the temple I feel He was waiting just for me, He welcomes, He smiles....and I don't know what happens next but heavenly bliss wraps the mind and I am able to see smiling Krishna only. 

My hands get folded and eyes get closed and I don’t even know how many times I thank Him for His blessings. He just smiles, he doesn’t say anything. I captured His smile and though I wished to stay still in that moment forever, I forced myself to leave Him for other devotees and sit somewhere alone worshipping His glories.

I spent almost an hour there. Bhajans were going on with the preparations for the ceremony and  so many other things were going on. People were chatting. Mahanubhav saints were distributing Prasadam. And, still I was absolutely wasn’t part of all that because I could again and again see the smile of Krishna where only me and He existed, at least for me.

He was as happy as I was. He smiles again and again...for the time I was present there His mesmerizing smile was drawing my attention again and again. Where Krishna is present, the entire world feels like stranger. You just belong to Him. I wish this moment could become eternal by some magic, wish there could be such miracle. This peace would never end. I would just feel being with Bhagwan Yogeshwar Shrikrishna forever bowing my head and surrendering my ego to Him, closing my eyes, today, tomorrow and forever. Just Lord Krishna and me!  

So following practical limitations, I returned from the temple but the mind was still with Krishna and that incredible smile. Later, I played some of my most favorite Bhajans including 'Yamuna Kinare more gaanv' in the voice of Prabha Atreji and the Krishna magic wasn’t ready to cease anywhere. I didn’t prepare any special festival dishes. I didn’t even observe fast yesterday. It’s all not needed. Krishna accepts love, Krishna always waits for that sweetest, that simplest, that cutest love that we offer to Him. He doesn’t need anything else. And, for me Krishna is my friend so he has to be the part of all my happy and difficult moments. He knows, he loves whatever I do which though doesn’t fit in most of the religious traditions, but is in synchronization with His words shared in Bhagwadgeeta. 

I am not writing all this as purely my imagination. I am talking about Sakhyabhakti in which the God is our friend. I don’t need to imagine anything to write also because Krishna has told everything in Bhgawadgeeta, Mahabharata and Puranas. 

Krishna says, "I will worship you the way you worship me. If you believe that I am your friend, I am your friend. If  you love me, I’ll love you. If you consider me as your child, I’ll worship you as mother. If you see me as your master, I’ll be your master."

Naradeeya Bhakti Sutra explain Bhakti very beautifully in least words and that is why they are called 'sutra'. All the forms of Bhakti - the supreme love - is explained with the examples of famous devtoees. As the ideal examples of Sakhyabhakti, we know Arjuna and Draupadi, their trust, their devotion to each and every word of Krishna were always undeviating.
Krishna also always maintained that glorious and ideal bond of friendship. Krishna didn't participate in the Mahabharata war but became a simple Saarathi for His friend Arjuna and guided the timeless wisdom to Him and the world. Krishna let us fight our battles alone and see us growing and keeps guiding and protecting also at the same time. 

Yesterday, I came across some guidelines on how to fulfill desires by worshipping Lord Krishna on Janmashtami. I had a question in my mind when I saw this thought, what is the desire that remains unfulfilled, or actually what desire remains in the heart once you worship Lord Krishna?  

I really don’t know how to love to gain something. Love is loving, losing yourself completely. When you forget yourself in Krishna you become Krishna. The supreme devotion, the KrishnaBhakti as I realize is just loving Him. Loving Him because you can’t live without loving Him, that becomes your necessity of life.  KrishnaBhakti makes the heart so pure, so pure that you don’t even have a slight doubt in your mind that you Love Krishna so much, will He also love you or not?

Loving Krishna isn’t a material term that Krishna should fulfill all the desires and I shouldn’t have a single misery in life! It's not love, nor Bhakti. Bhakti is the bliss which stays in all conditions. Bhakti is that inner stability. Let all the miseries, hardships or unexpected issues be there, let there be all the chaos and difficulties, let there be heartbreaking tears. Nothing bothers me because deep within I love Lord Krishna, deep within I know Krishna is not going to leave me alone in any condition, because deep inside I know Krishna is with me. I am a blessed person because I love Lord Krishna. I believe, I understand that these feelings are spiritual Sadhana, these are much more than the prison of religious rituals and dos and don’ts. 

Krishna loves these feelings more than staying hungry and observing fast. I am not against observing the fast but I feel unknowingly we restrict love and make it dead by following fears of traditions rather than pure love. I used to do fast till last year. But now I have given up as now it's possible. Krishna has said it in Bhagwadgeeta, leaves, water or flowers whatever you offer makes me happy. We get trapped in the cage of fears created by ourselves, in the name of traditions.  

Bhakti is simple, just love. 

Happy Janmashtami once again! :-) May Krishna love keep enchanting us. 

PS: This year, I learned I how to prepare Panjiri prasad which means that I didn't know this simple recipe all these years...;)

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