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Poem: Thank You for Being My Friend

Today America is celebrating Thanksgiving Day. We always say, ‘Count your blessings’ and I think, we can really realize those blessings if we start expressing gratitude.

So….today’s poem is my gratitude for a ‘friend’! :-) 

Poem: Forgive

for peace
no grudges

Poem: One Dark Night

darkest room
in the darkest night
I was inside

Poem: Magnet

you have attracted
my mind, my thoughts
are you magnet?

Poem: Thinking

thinking of

Poem: My Heart Says

he'll come back
for me
"who says?"
"my heart"

Poem: Dancing Words

The effect of non-stop reading ....

dancing words
in front of my eyes
appearing, disappearing
trying to focus on my book


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