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Are You Crying Like Me? - Poem

The person with broken heart keeps thinking about the memories of their love and tries to find the hope and message of their love even in the clouds...! 
Some lines dedicated to such sad and sweet feelings of love...

clouds in winter
this gloomy weather
brings your memories
are you crying like me?

Happy Diwali Friends!

Even the darkest night of Aamavasya become the brightest with Diwali festival, becomes the most auspicious day to worship Maa Laxmiji. The night is bright because of the Diyas everyone of us lighten in our homes and the joy is the highest because our hearts are enlightened to spread the love and Diwali wishes. 

Ageless Beauty - Poems and The Nature

Today's poem is about the nature, beauty and poem itself. What is special about this poem is that this a Tanka poem which will make you smile. :-)

Thank You Dear Gurudeva - A Prayer By Sadhaka on Gurupaurnima

|| Shri Shri Gurave Namaha ||

Today is Gurupaurnima, the day on which we worship our Sadguru for the blessings for Sadhana and Moksha.

Chaturmasya Vrata and Their Significance in Fast Paced Life

Bharateeya culture has given special importance to every season and month of the year, according to the atmosphere during particular time period of the year. Puranas have suggested Vratas to observe for the inner purification, spiritual upliftment, good health and a peaceful life. The Vratas are in various forms, types, and with different intensity, easy to difficult, so that everybody can walk on the path of Yogashastra with ease to reach the JeevanMukti.

Four Years of Spiritual Blogging Journey - Narayankripa Blogging Anniversary

Narayankripa has completed four years of the spiritual and poetic blogging journey today. And, on the completion of fourth year, now Narayankripa has a custom domain name,

Narayankripa - Chosen in Indian Best Blogs Directory

Namaste Friends! 

We have achieved another milestone in the journey of Narayankripa. Narayankripa has been chosen in the Indian Best Blogs Directory for the year 2013-14 in English language blogs. The Indian Top Blogs team does this wonderful work to choose and feature Indian Best Blogs in English and in the regional languages apart from sharing effective blogging tips and reviews.

Thank you Indian Top Blogs team for featuring Narayankripa and thank you all the friends! 

Narayankripa is reaching the new honors and successes because of the support and love of the friends like you. Thanks again and again...

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