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12 October 2016

Poem: Walking With The Moon

Wrote this poem while actually walking and irresistibly looking at the moon.

Walking with the moon
And thinking about you
How it happens, only God can tell us
When the moon smiles

06 October 2016

Poetry: My Soul

National Poetry Day is being celebrated in Britain today. It's already trending on Twitter, worldwide. For the most of the days of the year, we celebrate poetry here. Today's poem is my dedication to the poems I could write so far and how I learned to live a better life from them. It's my gratitude to poetry for blessing my life. 

Heartfelt fervent words
Simple and sweet
Flowing from the heart's emotions
Weave themselves happily
Bringing smiles
My poems

28 September 2016

Poem: The Power Where Love Smiles...

One more poem on the serenity of love.

Wrote this poem at the end of July. Though I don't remember the date of writing, presenting it with more depth of emotions with some addition. 

Image: Parijat flowers

You're the strength,
The inspiration that guides
You're the power
Where sweet love smiles

In your words
Found the nest for my mind
In your thoughts
Found the tranquil light for my mind

In your poems
I realized the glory of life
Though we never met
Your poems did all the magic.

I love for you the magic you create
I love you for your friendship you give
I love you for touching so deeply my soul

I am stirred
I am transformed
I am soothed

I love you for showing me the forgotten beautiful me
I love you for showing me your serene guiding light
So tenderly, with so much sweetness...

I love you for all this and yet for no reason
I am amazed by your lovingness.

Wherever I am, whatever I do,
In my battles of life or in the successes or failures,
small or big
I never stop loving you
My mind can't stop thinking of you

The only gift and the best gift I have for you is my love

For everything you do
For being a bright smile
My love is for you,
Always with you. 

PS: My battle with nerve palsy is still going on as progress went backward. I am utilizing this battle to increase my patience level.

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22 September 2016

Micropoems: For Your Smile

Today's poetry is a bouquet of flowers of micropoems on love. Some of them I have tweeted earlier and some new added today.

14 September 2016

Poem: Miss Those Days

Weather is so pleasant these days. I miss the days when I would go on a highway drive to nearby places alone. Had written this poem 'Aaj maine kshitij chhoo liya' when I went on Highway for the first time. It was so joyful, can never forget. Now, after the palsy episode, it's been a bit risky to drive alone on a highway. All this illness has become quite traumatic. I should wait for a month or two and then things will be easier than today. But I can't wait in such a beautiful weather. Highway drive was such a solace and escape from thinking on a gloomy day. The good thing about Dhule is two national highways cross here: Mumbai-Agra (NH3) and Surat Nagpur(NH6).

I couldn't resist writing a poem remembering those free days. Here it is...

11 September 2016

Prayer:Bless me Arts

Today, a prayer to Lord Ganesha to bless me  poems, songs, stories, and hymns.

08 September 2016

Fortuitous Reunion with Lord Ganesha

The busiest God these ten divine days is Lord Ganesha! I couldn't manage to post special hymns and prayers to Him this year. I couldn't try to paint Him. I was a bit disheartened amidst all the enthusiasm around. But guess what? He cares for me. When everybody is worshipping Lord Ganesha, when there are long queues at every nook just to get a glimpse of Him, when everyone is singing songs for Him, He met me - all alone! Yaay! I could express my feelings, He accepted them with His tiny and cute eyes, I locked His smile in my cam and all this happened just surprisingly. He did it for me. 
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