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Poem: Facebook Suicide

I have closed my Facebook profile and here is how I feel,

Poem: True Friendship

What friendship shouldn't be and what it should be,

not friendship
it's a force
a burden
a suffering!
not friendship
a wound
a scar
a suffering!
true friendship 
cares, heals, loves
true friendship
gives smiles not tears

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Haiku: Reward

We need motivation for exercise and rewards are always encouraging. A Haiku dedicated to dance and exercise,

Poem: Blue Sky

Today's theme Blue Sky: 

A dedication to blue sky,

Poem: Poems the Reason to Live

a day without poems
is death without breathing

Poem: The Battle Within

Technology, social media, politics, work everything has made our lives so busy, just tried to write the battle within,

the battle within
break the cage

Poem: Watery Eyes

You know how it feels when you have watery eyes,


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