Poem: Success Life Stairs

Today's poem is on a self-thought prompt, 'Stairs' - a motivational poem Success Life stairs.

It was like a test for me and my love for poems today. I love writing and blogging at this relaxed time, but DJ noise was annoying and I had to listen to other music to counter that unwanted noise. DJs are so loud that any other music doesn't seem to survive, forget about countering them!

I thought to skip blogging today, but then thought, why not take it as a challenge! 

When we take up a task as a challenge all the hurdles (and excuses) disappear from the mind. 

So I tried to write and here is a motivational poem on Success Life stairs. Lines in this poem are stairs to form the poem like stairs.

life stairs
success stairs
and success stairs
are life stairs
when you decide
no give up!
and try
and try one more time
and again
just try
the success stairs
and try...
in failure
in success
in success or failure
and try
just one more time
there's no last time
in success stairs
no last attempt
in life-success stairs
build them now
one by one
and one at a time
one small step
or one big step
one stair
one success
life stairs
success stairs
love trying
love winning
love trying
love losing
love improving
love trying
love success stairs
love success life stairs

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