Poem: Knots

Let's get crafts today. Poetic asides blog has given a prompt to write a crafty poem. I love macrame and writing poems both arts. So, here is how I can relate macrame knots with my life and the poems.

Creating those cute macrame patterns
Craft cute poems in my heart.

New thought patterns
Become new macrame creations
With poetic expressions.

Weaving those beautiful knots
I undo knots of the heart.

Knots of the heart and hurt wounds,
Macrame knots tied with poems, heal them.

Knots of the heart bring bitterness,
Art and positivity are the sweetness of life.

Love what is positive,
Forget the bitter, 
Undo the knots of the heart, grudges and egos;
Weave new knots and patterns of love.

Macrame and poems
Mingle with each
Making a delightful experience.

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