Poem: Angel

A poem dedicated to a cute angel kid friend, I had met in train some years back. 

i met a cute angel,
in a train full of strangers

i met a cute friend

an unforgettable journey
an innocent kiddie and me
a journey without words

we talked for hours
without words
an incredible journey 
with just flying kisses

the cute angel and me
with a cute bond of friendship
a cute story of innocence

I am blessed  to meet such wonderful friends with whom I have an instant bond of friendship and they shower so much love. Some years back, while traveling from Lonavala to Mumbai and I met a little cute girl there in the same train with her mother and grandfather. She was in front of me, two-three seats away from me. I don't know, what exactly she felt, but she smiled looking at me and sent me a flying kiss. I also sent the same gift in return. She was so happy and she found it like a cool game. She continued sending her love during the whole journey. Our parents were also smiling. We didn't talk anything, but I still didn't forget her. She was just 2-3 years old, but was amazing. 

Her beautiful smile is still so vivid in front of my eyes. 

I think, such conversations with pure heartfelt feelings are the essence of life, we may use words or not, but we can spread some love, we even don't need to know each other for that. :-)

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