Poem: Krishna

I love Krishna as a motivator, as a friend and as an ideal leader. I learnt about Him from Mahabharata and Shrimadbhagwadgeeta and since then love to love Him or it would be more appropriate to say that He loves me, He loves all of us. One more dedication to Lord Krishna. 

i was all alone in the dark
you showed me the light
i was all alone, had lost the hope
you guided me the path of success
through the Bhagwadgeeta and Mahabharata
your wisdom, your niti and your love
your truthfulness, your justice and your care
your dedication for humanity and Dharma
no words are enough to praise
no words are enough to describe you
no words…. no words
are enough to express your love
i am learning every day
i am growing every day
i am growing holding your finger…
you are my friend, my Guru, my everything
i learnt to walk
i learnt to write
i learnt to express
i learnt to worship
just being with you
you’re my inspiration
and you give me the words
i learnt love
i learnt bhakti
i learnt karmayoga
i learnt gyana
it’s your Bhagwadgeeta,
it’s your message
i learnt to love this world
am growing with beautiful wings
dear krishna! you motivated me
i learnt to see beyond the horizon
i learnt to reach beyond the horizon
you showed me how to love
you showed me how to care
you showed me the meaning of oneness
our friendship is immortal
our friendship’s beyond all the limits
limits of time, birth and death
me and you
were always friends
will always be!
life’s impossible forgetting you
krishna, you made my life so beautiful
every moment of this life
my smile, my tears, my joy
my success, my struggle
my words, my silence
my name, my existence in this world
everything so beautiful
you gave me the purpose to live
and meaning to my life
all the desires melt in your name
love you krishna!

Niti: In this context, political strategies by Lord Krishna. 

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