Poem: Childhood Stress

Today's poem is on Poetic Aside Wednesday prompt 'Childhood'. Just penned down first memory I remembered about my childhood.

deep thinking
loved by everybody,
but pressurized to talk
me in my childhood

I loved to be quiet, used to love to read a lot in childhood and almost everybody used to force me to talk. Now, remembering it, I  don't feel any pain, but that was such a big tension those days! I have observed one thing about people's perception about children; we love to change the natural growth of children. I just don't understand this thing, why can't we let them grow the way they are gifted with some talent.

Also, many people feel that it's their right to take control of any child and preach them something. Being quiet and studious wasn't a drawback at all and my family never had any issue with it. Still, I had to face that stress for being silent. 

Learning from these mistakes by others with me, whenever I talk with children, I let them express themselves the way they want, the way they are, that's perfectly fine. 

We try to make children as our replica and that kills their individuality.  

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