Poem: My Trip With My Soul

For the peace of mind, there's no better way than spending some time alone with the soul or with nature. Our lives are so much occupied by the electronic devices, smartphones, and the internet, it has become difficult to get disconnected from the worldly matters, even just for some time. My Gurudev H. H. Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj had practiced and spread the Mahayoga till the last breath of His life. His teachings were so simple that, 'just observe your breathing, don't force and let the thoughts come and go, don't get bothered'. I think, that's like a taking a trip with the soul.  

The best thing about our natural breathing is that it doesn't have any religion, caste or race. Breathing doesn't have a gender. Therefore, observing breathing is like a trip with the soul without any name or identity, not even the ego, just peace, and peace. I believe there should be some time each day in our lives when we should go beyond all the differences of languages, races, religions, genders, beliefs, age, classes, and professions - some dedicated time with the soul, forgetting, 'I am something!'.  

Today I have used a self-thought prompt 'drift' and another prompt suggested by my brother 'trip'. 

Sharing a poem on my trip with my soul.

heart drifting away 
from the cacophony 
in search of solace
my trip with my soul

tranquil moonlight
and serenity of the sky
stars silently blessing me
my trip with my soul

calm wind caring me
millions of thoughts melting slowly
in the rhythm of the breathing
my trip with my soul

noise can't bother now
thoughts can't disturb now
no heat can trouble now
my trip with my soul

disappearing past wounds
vanishing future worries
accepting the pain in the present
nothing can disturb me
my trip with my soul

light or dark
love or hatred
joy or sorrow
I am unaffected
my trip with my soul

no guilt
no regrets
no ego
in the ocean of peace
my trip with my soul

it's not a practice
it's not meditation
it's the worship of breathing
my trip with my soul

not focusing
and not distracting
eyes closed
my trip with my soul

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