Blue Expressing Advaita

After the encouragement and love from you all the friends, for the first Haiku, now I am participating the Haiku heights, the topic is Blue. Blue is always my favorite color, because blue represents the Sky. Blue represents the ocean. Sky has no limit, it's everywhere. So The Almighty is always compared with the Sky. Though the Paramatma or The Prana which is called as Life force or the Chaitanya has no limits but we can understand a bit, by the Sky. The blue represents the purity, which comes from the oneness - The Advaita. Blue represents the complete love, when we feel the oneness the heart is filled with the complete love for all, because nobody is different from 'Me'. 

Blue represents the Krishna too. No form of Ishwar is different from the Almighty. Or dualism is impossible. The Rama, Krishna, The Mother Goddess Durga, everything is one. You, me,air, nature, animals everything is 'One'. The Chaitanya - the love can't be separated, it's the oneness, the completeness, the complete love. 

Sky and ocean blue
Expressing complete ‘love all’
Advaita Oneness

This Haiku is the part of Haiku Heights . Thanks Leo for the opportunity and my fav. topic.


  1. Wow, this is nice :).
    I loved the way this is written :D.
    Advaita Oneness < That line is so perfect :).

    Awesome work Dii :D.
    Too good :*

  2. u r mastering this... :)
    wonderful... :)

  3. we are of one hue
    Krishna, me and you

  4.  So sweet so perfect...
    life of us
    Mohini and Porshyee

  5. Thanks Cynosure. :)

  6.  Hey Poo, thanks that's so sweet to hear from you with lots of smileys...:*

  7. Excellent Mohini, very nicely expressed... profound and deep just like the ocean and love... :)

  8. Magical Mystical TeacherMarch 21, 2012 at 6:40 AM

    I'm so glad that blue expresses oneness, because blue is my favorite color!

    Shadowy Blue Haiku

  9. Thanks dearest Arti! :) When you say something to do, I feel the confidence more than I have on my words..:)

  10. Thank you so much Shona. Such a sweet and lovely award from a lovely friend.

  11. Magical Mystical Teacher welcome to Gurukripa. Thank you so much, yes blue so beautiful. I love it too.