When the Mind Whispers With the Heart

At one stage of life every one of us, stop for a while, look back into the buried, lost, forgotten, unforgotten memories. Sometimes we just can’t come out of them, still we can’t really stop, and present makes us work hard again and future calls in new dreamland…

This is what life is!

Good, bad, sweet, bitter whatever comes to us, we have to move on with it, can’t stop anywhere.

Image showing beautiful sunrise expressing the poem When the Mind Whispers with The Heart in Beautiful Morning
The pic has perfect reflection of poem, grayish, blackish, violent, saffron, golden

was walking alone in the dawn
end of the darkest night
beginning of the new day
the moon was still there…
the saffron of rising Sun was
just arrived, very little, very faint

I was witnessing this beautiful moment
with tired eyes due to work
and with fresh mind due to work

mind was whispering some sweet memories
with the heart
don’t know how, when I started smiling…
I was smiling…

end of the past and
beginning of the future

leaving all that I loved in the past
to the past
waiting for – looking at that
not so vivid but a sure future…
saffron was arriving
stars were melting…
in the saffron, in the dark night
a new coming light
I was smiling..

memories, still in the heart
mind is still whispering
don’t know how, when I started smiling…

I was awake for the whole night
whole the worst days of my life
which were the darkest days and nights

I didn’t sleep
I didn’t stop
I didn’t feel defeated
I was only working
I needed rest
but the zest kept me working

mind is still whispering
don’t know how, when I started smiling…

memories made me stop for a while
memories made me cry for a while
something lost, which was mine, only mine
something remembered which was
always mine, only mine..
tears rolled, mind become mad
and all of a sudden….
the dawn came

a cruel moment of ‘present’
was present in front of me
should I get scared for a while..
the memories were so sweet
the future is becoming so vivid
why should I worry, really why should I?
the breeze coming from the saffron
was soothing bringing the sweet smile
mind is still whispering
don’t know how, when I started smiling…

memories and the thoughts
were not ready to stop
sweet and bitter…
if this wouldn’t happen?
what if, if that would really happen?
and am I sad?
should I cry?
or should I feel satisfied…

and now it’s the dawn
future is becoming ‘present’
and present is becoming ‘past’,
sweet turned to cruel
when cruel is vanishing with new sweet
oh! this mind is really
whispering something sweet,
why am I so smiling?
or so……

again walking with heavenly fresh air touch
dreams are touching me
like the fresh breeze
dreams are now present telling
the story of some new dreams

the crazy thoughts which ‘I’ can’t express
mind whispers and become poems
why am I smiling…
writing a new poem…
why won’t I smile?

mind games were going on,
chatting, whispering, sometimes
all of as sudden
the Golden rays of Golden Sun
touched my eyes
so clearly that the
Golden future really entered my puzzled, wet eyes
birds are flying with the work
for the work
without any mind games
my work – my dreams are calling me once again
don’t know, why I smiled today
Golden rays the blessings of Gurudeva
The Gurukripa,
touched the life
made me smile…

This is how my life is related with the night –dawn-morning, hardships – struggle- blessings of The Gurudeva and the victory!

The beauty of the same poem, expressed in the haiku New Life Sun.


  1. Beautifully written.I loved your introduction to the poem too.

  2. Thank you so much Kajalji.


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