The Prana - The Oneness

Some experiences can’t be bound in the limits of the world and the limits of words, languages, phrases. All the languages, words, phrases are inefficient and insufficient to express Advaita completely. Still it’s the glory of oneness, the glory of Adviata, yes it’s expressed beautifully by the wish of the Sadguru or the Almighty……and here is an expression which is beyond all the worldly things and all the expressions.

I wanna speak so many things
So many questions, so many thoughts
But why am I so silent?
A peach within me has become the ocean
But peace is peace, which made me silent
I wanna know about Sanyas
But I am already speechless, beyond the thoughts, 
Beyond the mind!......
What will I express!

I wanna show some anger
But love is already filled
Everywhere – everywhere!
From the smallest ‘Atom to the Sky’
Love is filled everywhere!
I wanna feel the guilt
Some past, some future which may be there,
 Some present I am facing without my wish
But …………………….but
Everything is so pure
So nice…….so beautiful……
That make me again beyond the feelings
I wanna share, tell hear
So many things, so many thoughts as usual.
I am so immersed in ‘Me’
That nothing is left in the world
Other than ‘Me’
Everything is stopped!
 Everything is stopped!
The mind, the thoughts which just flow like the flood
Are stopped and turned into the ocean of bliss.
Is this the Amrut?
Which makes us Immortal!
Everything looks like without air…
Without sound….without voice…..very calm
Expressionless….very silent!
Still it’s not the ‘Death’
A feelingless feeling of  ‘Me’
‘Only Me’
A state of Zero everywhere in the universe
The feeling of oneness, where only One – Me exists in the universe
No delusion
And no dualism
No Bheda – No Dvaita!
Oh….how can I express that Advaita?
When there is nothing other than me in the world!
Whole world is moving, working, talking, shouting, crying, and laughing.
Still everything is at Peace
A pace with the peace
This is the AAdvaita.
No violence…….no non violence
‘Something’ is beyond ‘Everything’
‘Something’ is the reason of ‘Everything’
So many questions…
But no desire to find the answers…
Questions,  answers, discussions…
Satisfactions, logics, beliefs, arguments and faith.
Everything has ‘Something’
Beyond it and within it
And that something is the Me – The Prana – The Chaitanya
Everywhere is the ‘Prana – Only Me’
Speechless, voiceless, beyond the mind and thoughts
‘The Prana’
Static because, everywhere it’s only The Prana!
Moving… nothing!
Because ‘nothing’ in this world is without ‘Prana’!

Still moving….because of Prana – Chaitanya Everything!
Life and the death
Nothing bothers ‘Me’ – ‘The Prana’
I am completely Persent – I am the Completeness!
Completely filled
Every state
Every phase
So many words………
So many expressions………
But the reason is only the ‘Prana -  Me’
The fear also filled with the ‘Prana’
The smiles, love, anger…everything is Prana
The Soul – The Jiva - The Me is the complete ‘Prana’
Is filled with Prana
Is the only Prana!
Even death has ‘Something’!
What is that…
The Prana!
Yes The Prana!
Shashwat, Satya, Chirantan!
Eternal truth – The Prana!
The spirituality, the concepts
The thoughts, the imaginations
Everything is ‘Complete’
Everything is ‘Prana’

पूर्णमदः पूर्णमिदं पूर्णात्पुर्णमुदच्यते
पूर्णस्य पूर्णमादाय पूर्णमेवावशिष्यते
शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः

Today, while typing this poem, I was searching for some English words which will exactly reflect the Indian Philosophy and Prana….though I did not satisfy by all the words I found like, vital force etc., but I found this Hymn to Prana from Atharvaveda from site. Satyam Shivam Advaitam. Honestly, I have not studied Veda, though I try to, but I feel that I don’t have knowledge of any such big philosophical or spiritual concepts. After completing this poem I read the hymn and ……….I am so surprised to see the similarity! This is Gurukripa - the self realization without preaching!


  1. Some things are other worldly... really difficult to be bound by words or expressions or emotions... so true.. so beautiful... :)

  2. Dearest Mohinee, only a pure soul like you can have such divine experience and still be able to express it in words. Though I didn't follow some words, I understood you completely. I'll tell you a very funny thing now. The other day I was just  meditating on the picture of Radha which I had sent to you. Then I slowly started to chant,"I am Radha, I am Mohinee, I am Radha, I am mohinee....' I don't know for how long I chanted like that because when  I was shaken out of my trance by my dad it was already night and to him also I said, "I am Radha, I am Mohinee". he knows my attachment to you, so he just smiled, but I had really forgotten for sometime that I am Portia!

  3. Ya I can only say (repeating the last sentence ) "This is  GURUKRIPA [The Grace of spiritual Master] Self-Realization.

  4. Thanks Arti...:) so nice to see you.

  5. We are not different Poshy! Are we? :) I couldn't reply, coz I didn't understand what to say, we are not two, that only I can say now...:)


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