Colorful Holi with All the Colors of Life - Happy Holi

May Lord Krishna Shower all the beautiful colors, every moment of life….Happy Holi to all my dearest brothers, sisters, and friends..:)

Image showing Colorful Holi

Colors of Life
Colors of Joy
Colors of Smile
Colors of Love
Walking Every Mile

The Pink of the Love
The Golden of the Success
The White of Peace
The Yellow of Smiles

The Moments Which
Bring Mixture of All
And Forms the Color of Bliss

May Every Moment Be Filled With Saffron of Devotion
The Green Of Prosperity
With The Shades Of Hope And
Background Of Purity

All Those Lives Moving Ahead On Spiritual Path
May Get Every Moment
Filled With ‘Saffron’ Of Tyaga and Vairagya

The Color of Kumkum
The Red – The Color of Holiness
The Color of the Divine Joy in the Life
May Bring All the Beautiful Moments of Happiness
With You, Within You
With Your Family, Friends
With The Bliss Of Oneness


The Violet May Fill
Every Moment of Dark Shaded Scene
By The Presence of Krishna

The Blue Is the Sky
Spirituality and Which Look So High
May your life be blessed with the color of Sky
Balanced and May Reach All the Heights of Sky
The Purity, the Peace, the Calmness and the Sanity

Enjoy the Colorful Holi with All the Colors of Life
Filled With Completeness of Love
And All the Success of Life
Happy Holi!

Tyaga - Sacrifice
Vairagya - Detachment from pains and pleasures in the material world. 


  1. My eyes are blue,
    Lord Krishna is blue;
    Both of us, Mohinee,
    Belong to you!

  2. Colorful explanation. Holi ke awsar par meri shubhkamnayen.

  3. Somoene is SpecialMarch 7, 2012 at 10:14 PM

    Colourfully said.. Happy Holli Mohini...

  4. The poem is so colorful. Wish you a VERY HAPPY HOLI, sis. May LORD KRISHNA shower your life with bunches of happiness and joy:)

  5. I am completely soaked in all the joyful colours here... these are colors for life.. Happy Holi to You Mohinee and wish you ALL the success and happiness in life :)

  6. So sweet Poshyyes, your eyes reflect love of Krishna...:)

  7. Aapko bhi Shriram Sir! Thank you so much..:)

  8. Happy Holi Saravana! :) Thank you so much.

  9. Such a sweet wish my dearest Didi...:) Happy Holi to you too.

  10. Arti...such a sweet thought...colors for the life..:)

  11. beautiful poem  mohu.. ^_^

  12. Hi, smiley Princess! So glad to see you on Gurukripa. 

    Thank you soooo much for the award...:)

  13. Happy to see you after a long time Monu, thanks :)