The Haiku

Today’s haiku is on the haiku itself. From the time I have started writing Haiku, I realized the importance of the words or I must say, every word. I have limited words to express my feelings and message. Once, I fumbled a bit too while choosing the exact words. But when the Haiku formed especially the toughest with 3-5-3 syllable form and with all the rules expected for Haiku, New Life Sun, I realized, 

‘Every word, every letter is a sacred chant – a Mantra, and irrespective of the language.’

A Sanskrit Verse also says this, it also says, only the Yojak, means the person who can use right word at the right place is rare.'

Now, I have realized,

‘Words have a power, energy.  Our words should be very precise.’

Sometimes, a simple joke can cause serious misunderstanding. This happens mainly online, because we don’t have the voice to reflect the tone and feelings, but only the words. We can’t change the situations, resulted due to misunderstandings.

Also if we save energy by using precise words, our words can be powerful to bring the revolution too.

When heart bloom becomes
Beautiful divine word gems
The haiku is born