Poem: Your Friend Forever

I am blessed to have Lord Krishna as a friend and truly caring and uncoditionally loving friends like the friend expressed in this poem,

A poem dedicated to every friend…just trying to be an ideal friend of you!

you may meet friends
who will give you 
wrong advice
who may move you 
on the wrong path,
you may meet friends
who will give you 
right advice
tell you to move 
on the right path
you might have 
right or wrong decisions 
in your life
you may feel proud or regret 
about your decisions
always remember!
you have a friend 
wish to share your feelings
who just wants to make your heart 
free from all the tensions
once you are relaxed
you know the right path..
you don’t need any advice…

you may meet the people
 who hate you,
You may meet people
 who love you,
but always remember….
you have a friend
who is 
‘With You Always’ 
just for the reason 
just for the reason
just for the reason 
‘What You Are’
just for the reason
 ‘You are my friend’
new friends, new people 
may come to your life
some friends people 
might leave your life
but always remember!
there is a person in this world,
who is always in your world!
whose thoughts, whose words,
whose care, whose presence
is always
 will always be around you!
for you!
always in your world!

people may trust you,
people may criticize you
people may hate you
but always, always remember…!
my dear friend
your friend is always 
‘With You’
just because… of ‘You’

Sometimes some people 
may try to change you
may try to impose 
their thoughts on you
but always remember,
a friend who is beyond all this
always with ‘You’
just for ‘You’
just for the reason
 ‘What you are..’

without cheating
without promising
without expecting
without being able to give 
everything you need
you will always feel
this friend’s presence around you
when you need only a true friend
one friend only for the sake of friendship
for 'you'
just for 'you'!
for the experience of 
love, care and friendship
I may not like everything you do
I may not agree with you always...
but surely, surely……..
I will 'never' leave you alone,
just for the reason 
‘What You Are’
just for the reason 
just for the reason 
‘Eternal Friendship’
our friendship
I may not be the ideal person 
in this world
always remember!
one person is always trying to be
‘Your Ideal Friend’
‘True Friend’
‘Eternal Friend’
'Your Friend Forever'

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  1. Just beautiful!! :)

  2. Hello.
    This almost sounds like a song.
    Very nicely expressed.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn...

  3. Wonderful poetry. Absolutely fresh and emotional.

  4. Shrikrishna PuranikMarch 11, 2012 at 10:53 PM

    God Bless You, May you get defined friends in plenty & plenty may earn true meaning of Friendship through you, your actions - Loving, Caring Sharing & making minds & surrounding - the most beautiful.

    - By default, as always - Your Friend - Shrikrishna

    I use to tell every one that relationship without friendship is dead, any true & close relation should become the friends of each other first. Here the definition of Friendship means giving it to hundred percent without expecting anything from other end. With such definition, you will never realize when hundred percent will come from other side.

  5. Namaste Andy,

    Thank you so much, yes it is a song, written as song.

  6.  Namaste Shilpi, welcome to Gurukripa and thank  you so much for your fresh thought.

  7.  Shrikrishna Sir, So true, really. Sometimes I lose trust on friendship, when get cheated, but the you have said, especially the last line, my vision is changed now..Thank you so much. I am so sorry for the late reply.

  8. I am so sorry dear friends for late reply. Due to some reasons  I was away from blogging.


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