New Year Blossoms

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year.

New Year is Born With
New Season Along
New Year is Born  
New Flowers are Born
With The New Song of Love
To Sing Along
New Year is Born 
New Spring is Born
New Leaves are Born
With The New Beauties Along
New Year is Born 
With The New Words Along
Words who Blossomed
The Flowers of Love Along
With The Fragrance to Spread
The Peace and Devotion Along
New Year is Born! 
New Year is Born!!

Today the new year has begun according to Indian Calender and the Chaitra - (The First Month of Indian Calender) Navaratri is also started. These nine days are very auspicious and for the nine days The Parayana of The Great Indian Epic Shriramacharitmanas - Ramayan written by Goswami Tulsidasji is performed with the fast. The Parayana is a way of worship in which we decide to read a particular holy book for some decided number of days. In Navaratri the Parayana is conducted for Nine days. A predefined slot of the epic is read every day. These daily slots are decided from ancient tradition. It takes generally 3 to 4 Hrs daily to read the decided part of Shriramacharitmanas.

I have never performed this Parayana with the complete traditional spiritual procedures. But some years back tried to be tuned with live telecast of this Parayana by Pujya Shri Rameshbhai Ozaji.

Actually that time I didn't know about fast, also about Shriramacharitmanasa, but I tried to listen it as my brother Dnyanesh suggested me to do so. Before this I was only interested in movie songs. But in those nine days, I realized that how Shriramacharitmanasa, easily purifies the mind and without any efforts how we get the peace of mind. Just singing it, even we may not know the meaning of it. And I felt the difference between the songs I used to like and This Great Epic.This is not a superstition, this is the beauty of the words written by Goswamiji and  of course the power of the words which came in the supreme divine love of Lord Shrirama.

In short, Ramayana teaches the Highest and Ideal love in all relations, The devotion in very simple and beautiful verses, the teachings  for ideal practical life with the story of Ramayana.

For this Navaratri if you wish to be the part of this divine joy for the real bliss - and you can download this epic from Hinduism E -Books available here on the link Shriramacharitmanas Hindi Text with English Translation.

Once again Happy New Year, Happy and divine Navaratri and Happy Parayana too! Though I am not perfect in following all traditional rules for Parayana, this Epic has changed my life! 


  1. Thank you much Geeta for lovely and immediate response! :)

  2. Loved that poetry! :)
    Thanks a lot for telling about Navaratri..
    Happy New Year and happy Navaratri to you too :)

    Take care!
    With lot's of love and wishes.

  3. Hi Sims! So sweeeet ! Thanks for sweet response as usual! Happy new year to you too and of course lots of love and care and wishes ...too :)

  4. Very little knowledge i have about the Navratri-and lot more i have to know-please to find more here.

  5. Hi Arpanaji! Thank you so much for such a beautiful response. I am very glad you find the useful info about Navaratri here.:)

  6. Hi Manpreet! Welcome dear! Glad you liked this one. Thanks for the wishes!:)