Love Expressed Madly

Love expressed madly
When you wanna say
'I Love You'
Can’t utter a word
Love is expressed madly
When you shed Tears
Alone for the ‘Love’
Love expressed madly
When You see your Love
In front of You
After a long long time again
Can’t control the tears
The Love is expressed madly
When you become happy
Just because your love is happy
The Love is expressed madly
When you are away from your love
But feel the same touch of love
The Love is expressed madly
When you feel your love with you
Every moment of life,
Doing every task alone
Wherever you go
The Love is Expressed Madly
Ya! The extreme stage of Love
You see love, love and love everywhere
Still don’t express anything madly
"The Love is Expressed Madly"
"Yes! The Love is Expressed Madly!"

P.S.: "This Poem has been written for BLOGJUNTA NaPoWriMo"  Here is the link of that happening place where we get new inspirations to write more and more.

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  1. Hi Mohu,
    This is so beautiful:)
    Loved this love poem ...
    You expressed it so sweetly..really Love is expressed Madly...And those who express are truely happy person because those who don't express their love , there life becomes burden..and it sucks within throught the whole life :)
    Keep expressing your love madly :)
    Love you ..
    Take care!

  2. Hi Sims! Such a instant love you expressed. Even I didn't see it again after publishing. Before that I saw this. Whatever you say is so beautiful that I don't have more words to say anything on that.! How can you? :). Ya! Will keep madly...doing the same, when friends like you are mad to read, I can't tell you the joy, to see such an instant response from you. I love you sweetie! take care.....:)

  3. "There is no remedy for love but to love more." - Henry David Thoreau
    WOW...This is beautiful...loved it,Mohini.

  4. Simply Loved this...though i am not that good at poetry bcoz whenever i try it becomes a prose finally....butt you are so good at it....CONGRATS.

    wish i could do that madly....hehehehe :)

  5. Hi Alpana! Glad to see you here. Thanks for the swweet quote. Really no remedy , love like mad..and again love like a mand. Thanks.....!

  6. Hi Irfanji! Thanks a lot, such a sweet response. Even when I try intentionally, I can't properly, just when heart starts speaking...hands start writing.....this may become another......thanks..:)

  7. beautiful poem
    give more love
    one day it me come back with interest

  8. Thats so beautiful..mohinee you for such a lovely poem:)

  9. This is just so fabulous:) Each word of it is so true and so beautifully expressed, I LOVED it :)

  10. HI SM! So sweeeet! I just loved it! I am experiencing it, with interest on interest! Thanks so much! :) happy you loved this.

  11. Geets, so sweeeet of youuuuuuu! I love you for all the love you given.......that is just God's gift for me. :)

  12. Hi Arti! thanksssssss suchhh a lovely responseeeee. Sweet friend i love!

  13. BTW @All I forgot to say, the madly poster is created by is it! First try.....i don't know much about such things..

  14. beautifully expressed indeed! let the madness spread!!

    the poster too is wonderfully done!!

  15. Deepak Sir! I am honored! Thanks a ton for such a great massage! yes, let is spread! Thanks for liking poster too. It's first try. :)

  16. Wonderful thoughts!!

    Catch my post on expressing love - in the simplest way!!


  17. Hi Vynkatesh! Welcome to the blog! Thank you so much for your appreciation and wonderful response, keep coming.......Affection.Ya! surely I am gonna read it!


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