All about MEME and My friends!

Today when I woke up, just opened the eyes and as usual Facebook too, I saw a sweet surprise, that was by my sister Melissa Tandoc, she tagged me in the MEME article, now I am the honored person who is going to give the answers of the MEME questions. I was just thinking about the answers and I got the second sweet surprise of the day, Harshal Patel my sweet friend tagged me in the MEME.

Life is really beautiful, The God always has sweet surprises for us, for everyday.

"You are the secret of my everlasting Smile - My sweet friends!"

So now here are my answers, actually I didn't think much, just as usual what heart said, wrote it down. I know you will love this. Do tell me, I am true to the heart na? What have you experienced about me?

Q1. If you could go back in time to relive one moment, what would it be?

I wish to be in the moments of Sadhana back....which I missed in some years of my life. (It is the path Siddhayoga - by which my life is blessed and Sadhana is by that path. It is easy, just to sit relax and observe natural breathing, it is the best thing, I wish I could be more in that.)

Q2. If you could go back in time and change one thing what would it be?

The day when I  behaved wrong with my Gurudeva H.H Shri Narayankaka Maharaj, after that many mistakes happened from which worst are friends got hurt by me. I always pray, if I get the chance to rewrite the book of my life, I will change all that scenes. I don' t wish to hurt anybody, my family, Friends..anybody. :((

Q3.What movie or T.V character you think you resemble the most in personality?

I wish to become very great and unique, but not that which steals the simplicity of life. In fact simple life is the great only. So I don't find any resemblance......this is my thinking - exceptions are always.... no doubt.

Q4.Which movie or T.V character would you love to be? 

I don't know what you will think after reading this......but I think.....people should think that, I could be Mohini. I mean........the highest we think of our self we become the same.. I am proud of my life and while taking many decisions of life which are opposite to stream and society. For the marriage and love, I see some girls feel very tensed and satisfy the male ego and still remain unhappy. And even girls' parents want the same in many cases. So I just rejected all this slavery, true love gives freedom and not slavery. But I am not hater of boys but only wrong things I don't like. So, I had a thought that girls may think that I should become like Mohini.  Real life is more inspiring than any TV or movie character. Isn't it? I can't write much about my can't describe that decisions now...( Is this too much bragging.....The God has given me these strong thoughts.. nothing mine.)

Q5.If you could push the one person in the whole world of a cliff and get away with it, who would it be?

I am so senti.........I can't do any harsh thing. 

Q6.Name one habit you need to change in yourself.

Bad time management - Impatience.- I am eager in everything and because of which I make silly mistakes, many times very funny too and many times while reaching to the top, the success is missed by these silly mistakes. I pray to The God may this change....may this change........!

Q7. Describe yourself in one word.

Mohini -It's Hindi or Sanskrit - Its meaning is Fascination - may be Enchantress. But I don't know any magic except sweet smile ....:)

Q8. Describe the person who named you MEME in one word.

Melissa my Beloved soul sis and Harshal Patel - The sweet friend.

Q9. Why do you blog?

To spread the glory of Indian culture and philosophy, unite people for the country and just love to talk a lot and share beautiful thoughts.....

Q10. Name at least 3 people or more people to send this “MEME” and then inform them.

Amazing Sis -Geeta Singh

The Spiritual Yatri -Arti

The Talented Sis- Pratibha Singh

Spiritual -Arpana

My Ideal in Modesty- Pramod Lohiya

The Victim - Manish Varma

The Think Tank -SM

My Bestest Brother - Deepak Srivastava 

The Natural writer -Animesh Mishra

Who Honored this blog by giving precious time and precious guidance- Vinayak Ranade Sir!

Shayar E Lafj - Priyadarshi Mishra 

Young Turk- Sanjeetha Veni.

11. Link back to the person who tagged you in this “MEME”.

I love you my sweetheart sis Melissa Tandoc and order for you my sweet friend Harshal Patel write more and more lovely articles...!

Fingers are out of control but..................somewhere I should stop.......................:)


  1. Great one Mohini...loved your answers.

  2. Alpana so sweet of you love you soul sis! my sweet sis. I was a bit tensed, but just wrote them..:)

  3. Congrats for taking up the Tag so nicely n honestly..... its good to know our fellow bloggers through these sort of fun filled things.

    and i like the way you talk n write about the culture and philosophy of the country it shows you are focused to it.....

    Best wishes,

  4. sis if i were to describe you in one word, it's "sweet"... i'm mel but you are definitely sweeter and more expressive :P...

    thanks the meme has gone a long way from irfan... ;)

  5. Hey Mohini I love the article and style and way of your writing my name in your blog and mentioning as sweet friends......Wow great and you answered all the questions well I dont know what to say but after reading your this particular article and your belief for me as a friend and sis to melissa I think that in this Era is it possible that like you such nice people are there who always found own person in all....and love them without any purpose...Like and no no no actually love this article specially......Want to say more but can't as I am being senti senti....

  6. Hi Irfanji! It's sweet surprise again in the morning, to see your response after opening eyes and FB too. Thanks a ton for your appreciation, it is all appreciation and encouragement of friends like you, make my more and more focussed.

    This idea is really wonderful, I really love this chain.

    Thanks for your wishes too!

  7. Hi Melissa! Gudmornig, Love you, it is you tagged my name and give me chance to express myself, it is hard for me, actually to write about myself. I am sweeter coz I am your soul sis! What do you say? :)

  8. Harshal Hi! I am so happy, you loved this article, really very very happy. Don't think that I love without any purpose, because it is for my own joy, if I don't love from the heart, I will not be alive, it is all natural. And ya! it is possible today, if there are friends like you sis like Melissa and all my sweet friends tagged here, then why not? I am also having you all as the gift of the God for me. :) Keep sharing...........

  9. Nice to know a bit of you through this tag :)

  10. It was a surprise for me to read my name in this tag. Nice of you to mention my name. Most of these questions asked in the tag are NA for me. I am very practical person in thoughts, approach, doing and taking up jobs. I do not touch hypothetical situations. I write my blog just to put my tiny footprint, some one with name VK. For me love is compromise on many fronts and I do not get attached to anybody or anything, came alone, will be going alone and forgotten, because of this I do not have so called friends, I do know some people who helped me feel as a human. I am sure you are one of them.

  11. It was a surprise for me too :) thanks a lotttttttttttttt..:)

  12. Thanks a lot for tagging me in the post. And the description for me was such a surprise. I never knew this about myself. Thanks a lot buddy:)
    About the post, the entire thing has been written so nicely and honestly that cannot be described. God bless, keep blogging.

  13. HI friends! Extremely sorry for the late reply, was very tired today.

  14. Harshal! I forgot to welcome you, I am sorry, do come here often!

  15. Laxshmi! Thank you so much, you liked to know about me....if I could write, I guess that would be more sensational. happy to see your response :)

  16. Vinayak Sir! That is again a biggest honor. Your answer is perfect, what life preaches is the truth. I am very senti, so think all these things. Thanks a ton for taking time to give a different vision to all those questions...:) very happy !

  17. Geeta! I know, you will be surprised, tht's why i hve done it.....any way waiting for your stimulation of mind! :)

  18. Animesh Hi! Thank you so much......! It is just what heart says...didn't think much. waiting for your anss.: ) thanks for responding so nicely on my answers and your best wishes too. May God bless you and your family! :)

  19. It is so nice to know a bit more about 'Mohini'. And It is so very sweet of you to have thought of me, Many Thanks for this lovely gesture :-)

    PS : Dono sis ke beech mein mujhe haddi kyun bana diya?! ;):P

  20. Hi Arti! You are so late..this time I was waiting from 3 days.....I always think about you. I remember you were my first reader and reviewer of Chaitanyapuja and my poems too.

    P.S.: You are my sis, but you give me thanks and all that formalities, so to punish you I kept between sis!

    Love you Arti!

  21. Hi,
    just finished doing Meme Tag
    hope u like it. below is link

  22. Thanks Mohini ji for tagging me as a friend.It's my pleasure to have your company.

  23. thanks Mohini! for mentioning my name on your great blog.Keep blogging like this.

  24. Mohinee :) m shocked ..i hv nt commented here:O linking u bk ^_^

  25. what happened? why shocked dear?