What Can We Learn From Lord Hanumana?

Today is the Birthday of the highest devotee of Lord Shrirama, Hanumana or Maruti - The Hanuman Jayanti. About Hanuman if we see the deep information in different Ramayanas, we get totally new knowledge.

From Valmiki Ramayana (The epic on life of Lord Shrirama written by Sage Valmiki)- He has the knowledge of nine types of Grammars, these are from Sanskrit Language. Nowadays The Grammar by Panini is used in Sanskrit. What a wonderful brain Hanumanji has! I am writing in present tense, because from the devotional stories about Hanuman, it is said that He is immortal, He has got this Varadana from Lord Shrirama because He wants to chant the name of Rama forever and He wants to sing and listen the Story of Rama - The Ramayana forever.

The second point about Hanumana, which makes me study deeper and deeper about Him, is His strategic knowledge, if we go through various situations in Ramayana, we can find the main presence of Hanuman, many times. He is the adviser of Sugriva - The King of Monkeys. Sugreva was not that perfect in strategies and decisions, his mind was not that stable, but it was Hanuman who used to give right advice at the right time.

He has done rightly this by his advices with Angad who was Vali's son, Vali was Sugriva's brother. Without Hanuman there could be hatred or division between Sugriva and Angad, as Angad was Vali's son. So Hanuman maintained the unity amongst all Monkey - Vanara Kingdom, and all this was successfully devoted to Lord Shrirama's war against the cruel dictator Ravana. If our leaders focus on this point, majority defense related problems, strategic defeats will be solved. But most of the Indian leaders are focused on divide and rule policy, so they will never focus on Unity and Integrity of the country. Now, we can understand how partition of India could be avoided. If we don't learn from history, we can not protect our future.

Ideal leader should not be just adviser, but they should have ability to implement right decisions, they should be able to take risks with very cool head, without emotional excitement. After recalling again and again about Hanumana's life which I have studied in different Ramayanas , I can not find a single incident when Hanumana goes in emotional pressure. Even in worse situation when Laxmana was unconscious during the war, Lord Shrirama was very sad, but Hanumana was as usual ready to find and work on the solution, not wasting a single moment in the emotions. 

Before the war, when He met, Seetaji, actually he had the job only to find Seetaji and give the massage of Lord Shrirama to Her, but doing this skillfully, He analysed the army of Ravana, and by some simple typical acts like monkeys, He destroyed His army, then He burned Lanka too. Some may say, all this is mythological, He has Sidhhis, He could fly in the sky and was able to change size of His body according to His wish, and all this is impossible and superstitions. 

My opinion is, how to use our brain for strategies is taught by Hanumana's character, if we see all this with this vision, we will get how to work and deal strategic affairs. I feel very sad, from many decades we have stopped all our expectations from the political leaders. The political party who is not concerned for the internal security and borders of the country, why they will do anything  against other problems like corruption, poverty?

Adding to the above point, Hanuman is ideal in physical strength too, without which healthy and strong mind will not be possible.

And finally the point, which we all know, Lord Hanumana's highest devotion for Lord Shrirama, He is the ideal of all the devotees. His surrender and love towards Lord Shrirama is shown by His entire life, He never asks for anything. He only loves to chant 'Rama...Rama' and listen Ramayana. He doesn't want any Kingdom , or even the desire of every devotee, The Supreme Abode - Vaikuntha. He wants to live in this world full of sorrows , just to chant Rama's name. What more can be explained in the devotion. 

Goswami Tulsidasji, has depicted all His characteristics in Hanuman Chalisa. Please do have a look at its meaning. Who am I to write more when Goswamiji has written everything.

One more important point, it is current trend to ridicule religious faiths, without any sense. The Gods and Goddesses who are called as Hindu Gods and Goddesses are targeted by some cheap people who don't know the meaning of being human. Please boycott such people, who are hurting religious faiths. This is against Secular status of India. These Gods and Goddesses are not only for Hindus, they are the inspiration for the highest level human life, humanity, justice, equality. So ultimately world will not get anything by senseless mockery  of Them.

Let's pray to Lord Hanumana to get the real wisdom, devotion and physical and psychological strength, to fight with all the personal and social problems and to have a life with the eternal love of Lord Shrirama!

P.S. : 
Hanuman Chalisa with beautiful translation in English is available here on hanuman.com. Please check it out for a divine bliss and a new vision towards life.


  1. Really our ancient texts, the puranic stories are so full of teachings, we should try to learn something from them! Loved the post, the thoughts are so immaculately expressed.

  2. Amazed to read such a strong interpretation of Shri Hanuman who has been referred to just as a monkey by many. The way you related his strategical powers to today politics is awesome. As far as treating Hanuman or Ramayan as just mythological is concerned, here are my views on this: -
    Ramayan or Mahabharat are in poetry form rather than in prose form. Normally, in prose you may expect actions relating to realities but poetry has always been exaggeration. When a poet says Hanuman could fly, he just meant he crossed the ocean in a way as if he was flying. Finding the Setubandh in Rameshwaram sea is a proof that it was not just a myth but an actual story. In my hometown, Patna, there is a big Hanuman Temple and they have kept a stone there which has been brought from this setu and believe it or not, it actually floats on water (its a big big stone). I have seen it myself. Tell me which science of today's day can explain it.
    Please accept my thanks for taking this topic up and doing the complete justice with it.
    Just like that...

  3. Hi Arti! Sorry for the late dear! Thanks a ton for your support. I am very happy you loved this poem, will work and focus more to have more such posts! Your support is Vitamin for me! :)

  4. Hi Animesh! Thanks a lot from core of my heart for your appreciation and support! And thanks thanks for making this post more perfect by adding your vision to it. As the theme of the blog is to find the applicability of Indian Epics in today's context, so it's my duty and mission to work on this. I need you to join in it.

    About poetry and prose, I can't explain now all that, it requires again deep study, but some years back I have seen some flying humans on NatGeo or Discovery can't recall name, they were Tibetians. So I think there must be some science but not researched it yet.

    About the stone, I have seen such stone on the net, but not lucky enough to see it directly. That's great you have seen it. Now even I can trust because you have witnessed it. Thanks for sharing here, it will be useful for all the readers too.

    About Setubandh, I still can't believe in my eyes, we can have faith, but to believe from heart is really tough. But now everything is proved, by the Lord Shrirama!

    You found this writing justified completely with the topic, it's really great. Coz I couldn't go much deep in a single article.

    Will try to have more analysis further!

    Keep coming and keep encouraging. :)

  5. Mohini well Ramayan is a gr8 epic created and we have been imbibing many a morals. I personally believe it is more a reformation of Valmiki and good story telling for grandfathers to their grandchildren.

    Your interpretation of character of Hanuman is excellent, i too personally believe that Hanuman is lord of health. When we pray to him we seek health and absolute protection from evil doers.

    Jai bholo Hanumanji.

  6. I am a devotee of Hanuman and I chant the Hanuman Chalisa every day. Your piece is an eye opener. I have also read Devdutt Pattnaik's book on Hanuman. Very interesitng. Thank you for sharing.Jai Bajrang Bali!

  7. Thank you Mohini..God bless you always...
    Manojavam maruta tulya vegam, jitendriyam buddhi mataam varishtham
    vaataatmajam vaanara yooth mukhyam, shree raama dootam sharnam prapadye.
    Let me pray to the one who is swift as thought (manojavam-), the one who is more powerful than the wind (marut.tulya.vegam-), the one who has conquered his senses (jitendriyam-), the one who is supreme among all intelligent beings, the son of the wind-god (vaataatmajam-), the commander of the army of forest creatures (vaanar.yooth.mukhyam-), Let me find refuge in Lord Rama's Messenger, the incomparable Lord Hanuman. Please accept me and my prayers at your feet.Laal deha laaleel-se, arudhari-laal langoor
    vajra deha daanava dalan, jai jai jai kapi-soor
    We pray to the red-colored one, whose entire body is red, and who is decorated with red colored sindoor. We pray to the one draped with a red colored loin-cloth. We pray to the one whose body is firm and strong like the vajra (Lord Indra's weapon). We pray to the destroyer of demons. We bow in praise again and again to the supreme among Gods, Lord Hanuman.

  8. In this article very very important issues has been discussed.it is not for just publish on blog. but actually it should be discussed widely.Analysis should go on television channels in national interests.people should be aware.
    these issues are eye opening issues.

  9. Hello Umeshji! Welcome to our cultural mission. Thanks a ton for taking time to read this. Your appreciation is a big tonic to write further. Thanks for such a beautiful response!

    Jai Bolo Hanumanki!

  10. Hi Rimly! Welcome to my little effort dear! Such a sweet thought. I am very glad to know that you chant Hanuman Chalisa daily. and you found this post eye opener. Thanks a lot for your support on this vision! hope to see you here again! :)

  11. Hi Alpana! Love you for such sweet wishes. Thanks a lot for sharing Manojavam and Laldeh - here. It is very difficult to put the exact transaltion expressing the beauty of original language. You have written it so beautifully, I have the same divine feelings as we have while chanting original verses.
    I really love you!

  12. Dada! Please keep analyzing my posts!

  13. Hi Mohinee
    My mom is a hanuman bhakt and I didnt realise that he had such a powerful story. Thanks for this

    I have been following your blog for sometime now and its brilliant! So I am giving the versatile blogger award to you! Check it out at http://confusedyuppie.wordpress.com/2011/04/19/versatile-blogger-award/.
    I am now waiting to read your random facts.

  14. few days back my husband gifted my daughter a small note book of HANUMAN CHALISA. she keeps the book with her all the time. we believe BAJRANGBALI will protect our child whereever she goes. she believes the same, too. MOHINI thankyou for sharing so many good things about HANUMANJI. i will share all i have learnt more with my daughter too. JAI BAJRANG BALI.

  15. Hi Sandy! Thanks a ton dear for the award, it is a great feeling to be called as versatile blogger and that by an award! I am very happy to know that your momji is also a Hanuman Bhakt.

    Thanks for your appreciation.

    And I loved facts about you, will soon reply.


    Love. :)

  16. Hi Sancheeta! Welcome to the blog dear! I am so happy to see you here.

    And I am glad to know that your little princess, has such a great faith on Hanuman Chalisa, yes! It will really protect, it is not superstition.

    Wish to have some more facts about Ramayana.

    Thanks keep visiting.