Shrirama Arrived !

This is a natural poem and prayer on the very very auspicious day - The Ramanavmi. This is heartfelt, but this expresses the meaning of true Secularism In India which is supposed to be practiced in the real life. But the reality by the rulers of this country may they be from any political party is totally different. I think you all will agree with this prayer and join with me for the same, to make our country - The True Secular Country and let's make the world peaceful and a small family.

Laxmanji , Shriramji and Janakiji - From Temple in Dhule

Rama has Arrived
The Joy has Arrived,
To spread the love 
Rama has Arrived,
To save the world 
From injustice
Rama has arrived!
To end the cruel dictators
The King of people is arrived
To give the bliss to devotees
Rama has arrived.
Rama has arrived on this earth
Rama has arrived in
Corers of Hearts again
Today Rama is arrived once again.
I feel the joy, the new hope,
He will fill the life, 
and fulfill all the dreams....
Rama is arrived
Yes!Shrirama has arrived..........

Best wishes for the very sweet day, Shri Ramanavmi -on which Lord Shrirama has arrived on this earth to give joy to all of us.

I wish He may come once again in the Hearts of all of give us the divine joy, peace of mind and fulfill all our sweet dreams Once he arrives He never leaves us......though we may forget Him, sometime. 

He may kill all the Ravanas, which are the vikaras - the bad things in myself. And He may give us strength to fight with today's Ravanas who are against world peace, humanity, who are torturing women and children cruelly, as Ravana used to do.

We should end such people by right path, but while fighting with Ravana we should not become Ravana as sometimes I feel, the war on terrorism, is turning to new terrorism. 

If we keep our mind with the teachings of Rama and Ramayana, this will not happen with us and The Rama and His qualities will be expressed from our souls.

I pray to Lord Shrirama- please arrive in our lives, end all the sorrows, from our lives. The meaning of word Rama is the joy. So Rama is the true bliss. Oh! Shrirama! Please save and give joy again to all that innocent lives which are being tortured by the enemies of humanity to fulfill their lust or some other mis concepts in their mind, which do not allow others to live happily or even live.

May all the world become a small family - Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (The ancient prayer by sages - which says - may this earth become small family.)- not that all should follow only my faith. But everybody may realize the Rama the bliss in their hearts by their own faiths. And of course my faith should not be the torture to others' lives. People may respect each others' culture and may learn them too. Which will make our life more and more beautiful and others' too.

This prayer will never end until the dream of sages to make this world a small family will come true, completely. And I seriously trust this will come true, because this is the prayer for all by the pure heart of Sages and now all of us.

P.S. : For the detailed vision on Secularism In India and The Advaita please see The Origin of Secularism - Advaita.


  1. My best wishes to you n ur dear ones on this very auspicious day.


  2. Thank you so much Irfanji! Same to you and your family too! :)

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