We Want INDIA - The Real World Champion!

India has won the ICC CWC 2011! Now India is world champion. I was about to publish this on the same day. But I thought the Cricket Fever is so high, that I don't know how many will be in the mood to listen the ground reality. I waited for two days. But what I see, IPL fever is already started and again the same question how many will be in the mood to listen the ground reality?

I don't know much about IPL, but I see Cricketers of different countries play in India. Means Yesterday's so called Ravan will be in the team of so called Ram. I don't understand how easily can people devote their feelings to whatever is forced by marketing masters. If we follow any spiritual leader, most of the intellectuals ridicule it, especially when the spiritual leader is Hindu. 

But what is the difference between this Cricket fanaticism and the so called religious superstitions? 
Anyway, so I am still in the CWC 2011 and not in the IPL. 

So, I saw how people were praying for Indian Team to win the world cup. All the Indians were united. After the victory, I listened people were saying, "They have done for all of us! The men in blue. Really! They have done it for all of us."

Someone said "Sachin has carried India for 21 years." Even for any biggest patriot who served for the country, or sacrificed his life for the country like Bhagat Singh, nobody say this sentence. The nation is above the person always. I thought to say, "PoK was not much heavy for The so called God, why didn't he carry that too." "Why this God could not stop 26/11 which was happened in MUMBAI?"

He is just a Cricketer! I am not denying his greatness in Cricket, but now he is above The India? He has carried India!!!!. I don't think people have said such words about Gandhiji also though he is officially our Father of Nation.

Why can't we keep these people in the limits of sports only?

This CWC was so important for the country that I saw , PMs and other politicians of different political parties were watching the match. Are they confessing that they are not capable to do anything for the country and now everything is in the hands of Men in Blue only. We think these  political leaders , ministers and PM, as VIP, but can any VIP find time for watching matches? 

As I had gone through the Cricket love, I can feel the feelings of all the Cricket fans. But this love is going psychologically in abnormal condition.

After seeing all this madness, I had a thought in my mind, just imagine -

If Indians, my fellow country men have same fever, same unity forgetting all the differences, same faith for the real burning issues of the country, same anger against the enemy of the country, same love for the INDIA - (which is expressed in words always chake de india, de ghuma ke ...etc. etc.), and mainly the same tension for the Kashmir Issue,

The Kashmiri Pandits would be back in their own land  without any terror, 

If we really had such a big hatred for Pakistan as we show in the Ind - Pak Cricket match, there would be nothing like PoK.

If we were really united and show our potential for our country, International Community would never dare to put pressure on Kashmir Issue.

Now the need of the hour is to show same love for the country on the ground reality. 

Being The Cricket World Cup winner for just four years, is not going to make  any any difference. 

After the embarrassing defeat of Pakistan in war of 1971, Pakistan has stopped to go for direct war and instead what they are doing, I think we all know.


We never see this love for the country for real issues,

Why our emotions are so strong for Cricket only?

The victory of Marketing masters, the glamour for Cricket and Films, the advertisements by Cricketers, their strong reactions, body language in the match (I don't know how much is acting in that?). 

Political leaders, media, terrorists all know our emotional weakness (should I say physical weakness too?) 

Why are we wasting a big psychological and physical energy on just a sport? Some of the Cricket fans may say it is all fun, what is wrong in having fun and enjoying life? This much abnormal tension is not fun, this is dangerous and please stay awake don't surrender yourself to these false sentiments.

My brother Dnyanesh explained me how politicians know to use our emotions. Once our physical and emotional energy is diverted in some other thing, in our country it is diverted in Cricket, it will not be expressed against corrupt politicians or the real burning issues like Kashmir, terrorism. We will never know the injustice we are living with.

Just imagine how beneficial is all this wastage of time and energy in Cricket to the international community, especially U. S. who has the fear of India becoming Super Power.

Let's unite to make our Beloved India the Real World Champion.

P.S. : Yesterday I met a new friend Jaidev - he suggested me this article for the facts about  Jammu Vs. Kashmir. Must read article to know the  facts about J and K.


  1. Hi Rajeshji! Thank you so much for your support and appreciation!

  2. Hi Deepak! So sweet of you dear! I must love you for your strange, simple, mysterious, expressive, silent and what not - response. :( :) :( :)

  3. Deepak! Thank you so much for your emotional strong support on this article.

  4. I think by the statement Sachin has carried India for 21 years, it is relevant to the world of cricket and not war or politics. He has been the main stay of the cricket team and has been a good ambassador for India.

    He could be one of the reasons several parts of the World has come to respect India.

  5. hhmmmm... a very well written n thought provoking post.... but this is what the game of cricket is all abt in India....ppl r simply crazy abt it and you just can't convince them with ur logics.... buttt i liked the thought behind this write up.

    it will be interesting to see the reactions of ur readers here....and i am going to keep a watch on that.

    Best wishes,

  6. Hi Angry Ganu! Welcome to the blog. The statement related to Sachin, looks like related to Cricket, but actually it is not so. And there are many statements by people, which shows the same feeling. If Virat intended it for Cricket only, he should have chosen some different words. I already said, nobody can deny his greatness in Cricket. When this game has crossed the boundaries of sport, I felt to say this. What more people are saying he is The God, again not in Cricket context.

  7. And yes of course! Thank you so much for your response too! :)

  8. Irfanji Namaste! Thank you so much for your appreciation. I know really it is hard to convince people, but I will try! I have gone through all the emotions of Cricket love, but when it changed from just sport, I could not be with Cricket. I hope I will get positive response, but everything is welcome.

    Yes! Please be the part of discussions going on here. Thanks for the wishes too. :)

  9. real reason is Indians are afraid to talk and discuss the real problems.

  10. Mohini ji.. YOU ARE SO TRUE !!

    Even I & my frend .. was having the same thot about.. so called CRICKET "GOD" .. and I found such article even in the.. "Deccan Chronicle" newspaper.. bfore Pak-Ind match !

    Hope these ppl know the truth about being "Patriotic" towards our country.. :)

    Very good article.. :)

  11. SM! well said! Thanks a ton for your support! :)

  12. Hi Madhumathi! Welcome to my blog dear. And really thanks a ton for your support to my vision. I am very happy you agree with it. Even this attitude has destroyed the charm of sport too.

  13. Nice write up. But I don't feel this is sports is waste of time. Find the secret why people interested in sports. It is because it gives energy to you physically and mentally. We should not deny others interests. But we must create a way to participate people in different kind social services and movements.

    People will definitely show interest if we try properly and sincerely. How public gathering to political meetings. How public participating in strikes? How public supporting when it was a crises? See the current example of Anna Hazare's hunger strike at Jantar Mantar. Public giving great support to him. There is always the way but we are not utilizing it.

    India need selfless leaders and social activist in this present situation. Like how we are using stadiums and media to sports, we need to use them to motivate people.

  14. true...but u see, cricket is easier to understand and simpler to judge. Its very difficult to decide the rights and wrongs on most cases esp if parties involved want to stay away from limelight.
    enjoyed ur post, though

  15. great work mohinee keep it up!! lets spread the message behind ur post :)

  16. Regarding Sachin, People probably meant it in context of cricket, not nation. But completely agree with reast of the article.

    Oh..and except Gandhi being father of nation. Don't like his role exaggerated just like you feel hype about Sachin

  17. I absolutely and whole heartedly agree to this. The day when we were watching the match vs. Netherlands, i talked to my dutch friend and told him that India is playing your country right now in the cricket world cup, and he said - cricket? what's that...

    Really, i mean some 5 to 7 country play this cock-dance that us Indians are calling sports... and winning this means like a world champion to them... play something real, football for example...

    All things considered, i like to play cricket, watch it or even write about it... but it is being blown way out of proportion, and for all the wrong reasons... so many crickets from around the world is making millions out of us [IPL]... and at the end of the day it is all a complete waste of time and energy.

    I was planning to write this article a few days back, but decided not to do so, after all, who will listen to us? i feel we are not free yet, because this game is made my the British and it is still enslaving us... unless we can give up the cricket craziness, we will never become free,

    Good that you mentioned about the VIPs, doesn't they need all those red/yellow lights and speedy cars that has to go without being stopped in the traffic, because they are supposed to be busy, so why waste their time watching a match... why??

    Also, just to add a bit more... India won(cricket?), and what did people do for celebrations, break late-night rules for crackers... drove bikes with 3 people sitting without helmets.. shouting things like - "whah khilari jeye jao" etc. A total chaos of a situation... shouting in the middle of the night in the name of celebrations... i guess this is all because of the total amount of uneducated people and the useless educated ones that can't use their brains... oh well, who cares?!

  18. Hi Ram! Sorry for the late reply. Thank you so much for your deep analysis and vision too. I didn't mean the sport is wastage of energy. The way we get involved in watching these matches about that I meant. I am also sport person so I enjoy all the benefits of sports. And even from sports we can learn how to deal with real life problems with a cool head too. But this is going in the wrong way.

    I agree with rest of the all vision, no doubt. It is the way, about Annaji's movement, I still worry what must be behind the scene.

    Thanks a ton for your support. :)

  19. Hi Sandy! Welcome to the site!Cool cool response! I agree with you. Thanks a ton for the wonderful appreciation!

  20. Jaidev thanks a ton! I know, about Sachin it's in Cricket context, it looks so, but they put it everywhere. About Gandhiji, I know what you mean and I mean something more, but officially he is our father of nation. That's what I said. Legally we have limits to say! Thanks for support!

  21. Sniff India! Welcome to this mission. Thanks a ton for the support and ya! of course for adding info to make this perfect.

    And about last para, you stated some more news, a guy was killed in the accident on the Mohali - Diwali. He was uncontrolled in the car and thrown away out of it suddenly. What more is needed?

    Thanks thanks once again. And keep guiding further. Please.

  22. And Geeta! How can I thank you dear, you have already spread it, thanks thanks.....I love you my dearest sis. and friend too. really such a courage I get when you appreciate me. :)